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Floating Circus

People of the island, come watch the Monty Morgan's Miracle Circus! Our performance begins at noon in the town square. The entrance is free!
There are few ships as iconic and recognisable as the Floating Circus. Fully covered with drawings and brightly decorated, it can be easily seen from far away. The crew of the Floating Circus sails from one island to another, rarely staying in one place for more than a day or two. They quickly build up a large stage, perform on it once and move on. That rare opportunity, combined with the circus's strictly free entrance, always attracts huge crowds from every walk of life, be it nobles or poor workers. After the performance has ended, visitors are asked to donate whatever sum they see fit to the Circus, usually providing it with enough money to stay afloat.   Needless to say, continually sailing on high seas is a hard and risky thing to do. It is especially true for unarmed vehicles such as the Floating Circus. As a matter of fact, other ships often sail together with the Circus as a means of protection, and local governments sometimes even send military vessels to escort it. The pirate crews rarely bother the Floating Circus, as it has little of value and many pirates even consider immoral to attack it. However, those measures can do little to protect the Circus from foul weather and rare monster attacks. On multiple occasions, the Floating Circus had stopped at larger islands or shores of Ordonia continent for long periods of time due to the damage suffered during its voyages.
"Our Cargo is Joy"
Owning Organization


On a few occasions, other ships tried to mimic the Floating Circus in the hopes of ensuring their safety that way. It never worked well, with several crews allegedly killed down to the last man by pirates.

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Cover image: WorldAnvilCover_Vehicle by Vertixico


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17 Jul, 2020 10:35

I like the idea that the pirates are so offended by the imposters that they kill them all.   This sounds like it would be an amazing thing to see in real life! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
17 Jul, 2020 15:48

Well, personal opinions of pirates aside, it's also not very good for their business if sailors think they can hide behind a good camouflage xD