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Traveling merchant cart

The carts are never build from the same specification nor the same dimensions. It can be your regular farm cart or a specially built cart from a wealthy tradesman family painted in flashy colours, they are all received the same wherever they go; With excitement.   More so for the wares they carried, as people who often stayed put and didn't travel more than was necessary. For the first time in the history of the Kaestra folk, people could get an idea of other people and their cultures from the wares their wayfarers, tradesmen and merchants brought with them on these traveling carts. Some items and goods would have traveled across an ocean or two to get to them, and the prices would often reflect that. Not everyone could afford such luxury, especially in the beginning of this era of trade.


A cart or carriage is often drawn by Ri'la beasts, or other such beasts of burden. Depending on the size of the cart, and the wealth of the owner, you could have as many as 6 ri'las dragging your carriage. However, 1 or 2 is often sufficient for the regular tradesman. More than that is superfluous, and more for status rather than necessity.

Weapons & Armament

It is not unusual to come across bandits as a carriage rider, as many merchants know. Therefore many taking to the road travel in groups, and hire guards for their journeys. The sole carriage rider can with some ease also bring their own weapon, often a hard wooden length with spikes through it. Or their personal weapon of choice.   Note: In early Kaestran eras, metal was rare and only the wealthy could afford metal weapons.
Jolly riders
5 - 8 meters
2,5 - 5 meters
Around 800 kilos
19 kilometer per hour
Complement / Crew
Usually only one is needed to steer a cart.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1-2 people.

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