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Hongktwak: Horn Tank

Weapons & Armament

The turret, the most iconic part of the Tairtwak, was removed in the formation of the Hongktwak. The accompanying barrel in the front was removed and replaced with a large spyglass. Openings on the sides of the tank for smaller arms were widened for the use of finger rockets, confetti cannons, and other affordable festivities. Fireworks were once used in the Hongktwak, but the hull became so hot and smoky that the vehicle was abandoned, and not recovered for a week.

Armor and defense

The armor around the tank is the standard 0.5 ih plating all around, but the turret normally befitting the tairtwak was surgically removed. Through the resultant hole in the top is the business end of a large foghorn. The foghorn has 0.05 ih metal plating but is not intended to take a beating.

Communication Tools & Systems

The system has a few small slits through which the driver can see the outside. All communications systems were otherwise gutted in order to make room for a large foghorn. The foghorn only plays one note but can be heard for ten waysaway. This is the only communications that the hongktwak operators have with the outside world. The operators are not even known to speak, and rumors have circulated that the operators are deaf. Given the sheer volume of the horn, this is not surprising.


When the tank is thwacked with a large enough object, the metal of the tank reverberates, alerting the driver and horn operator. In response, the operator activates the horn, usually throwing the thwacker off guard and delighting the children around the tank. As a result, the Hongktwak is considered the most bludgeoned vehicle in the entirety of the Keyrit Empire. The primary demographic of assailants are fathers of young children.
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