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Jaqsen's Brothel on Wheels

Brothels aren't a strange sight in Mithra. But some time ago, Jaqsen had the ingenious idea to put his brothel on wheels. The result, one of the most beloved vehicles in the Listinia outback.  


After decades of experience, managing several low- and high-end brothels in the city of Simmersil, Jaqsen decided to pawn off everything he owned. He bought some Murtivian slaves and an enormous wagon. Inside the eight-wheeled cart, he built a brothel of incredible style. Pulled along by ten horses, the massive wagon rides through every city in Listinia just to undercut the local brothels in cost and surpass them in quality.  


The common folk loves the sight of the wagon, or the men at least. There is a saying some parts that says, "When you hear the bell thrice, your brichers will rise," referring to the fact that Jaqsen always rings his bell thrice when he is in town. This however is not the case for all rulers. Some of the lords have such a dislike of the distraction that the brothel brings, they actively try to ban Jaqsen from their town. Jaqsen always finds a loophole though, and soon after the ban, you will hear the sound of a thrice rung bell. It has become a real 'cat and mouse game'. Except for the lords that don't mind the wagon at all. Some even secretly use it, paying Jaqsen a fortune to keep it quiet and private. Jaqsen frequently sells his whores to lords throughout the country and actively seeks out the most exotic women he can find. Sometimes making long trips to find new "merchandise".

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