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Wandering Bellsong

It's getting closer! Quick, hurry up, I don't wanna miss it!
— excited teenager
  In dreary villages on lengthy days there is an awful lot of busywork. The farms must be tended, the animals fed, the gardens weeded, dinner made. And in the free time, too, there's work of different sorts. Catching up with friends takes time. So does bathing, or eating, or learning. There's not much time for any aspiring bard to learn an instrument, and those who do find those precious seconds can seldom afford the fancier instruments.   So life remains quiet aside from the sounds of nature and the discordant humming of the ones who'll at least use their natural instrument. It's not a bad existence, certainly, and it means the occasional performances from travelling bards and minstrels receive great applause for the excitement and dancing they inspire.   One inventor - one gnome, to be precise, a gnome from Soniuch Zan's self-named capital - by the name of Clivwik Voisding could only manage three winters at his aunt Dringella's house before feeling entirely sick of this quiet music-lacking existence. He set to work remedying that as soon as he could, and with the help of a small horde of gnomish invention and just a dash of feylike magic, the Wandering Bellsong was born.   Perhaps inspired by the Songbound (former musicians drifting across the world in spiritual form), the Wandering Bellsong is a mass of bells, chimes, keys, strings, and bows bound into the form of a self-animated intelligent construct. It travels the roads of Xin-Jiyu and Valathe to spread inimitable joy through utterly unique music, and selects villages at random to stay at for a short time.   When the Bellsong finally departs - all 'rung out', so to speak - it leaves behind a sign of its visit: a single masterwork instrument for the person who inspired it best through their actions.

Power Generation

Please stop trying to find the air elemental inside me. There is no air elemental. Do not make me use the trumpets again, old man!
— the Wandering Bellsong deterring an eager academic
  As an animated construct, the Bellsong needs no external power source: it draws power from the world's own magics and those imbued in it by its creator. It has complained greatly about the annoyance of antimagic fields.


Mum, why does that thing have feet by its wheels?
— curious child
  The Bellsong has a number of wheels, legs, wing-like extenders and propellers that help it to move along the roads (and to drive away standard thieves who might assume it's a normal cart). It uses their noise in its performances, too.

Weapons & Armament

Who attacks a bloody musical instrument?! I tell you, I'm going to enjoy playing my tiny violin for no audience at your funeral!
— the Wandering Bellsong upon being attacked
  Despite being a peaceful intelligent travelling construct, the Bellsong does actually possess some weaponry - in the form of the instruments themselves. Piano wire is surprisingly deadly, apparently, if the remains of bandits that encounter it are anything to go by. It's also capable of using its innate noise-making to create dangerous sonic bursts.

Armor and defense

You know, if you really want to hit something, I have some bongos. You can use them instead of STABBING MY SIDES.
— the Wandering Bellsong upon being attacked again
  Since it's mostly made out of metal, the Bellsong is fairly sturdy. Its internals are protected by sheets of heavy steel that fold out during performances, and its most important sections are hidden well beneath more steel than your bog standard bandit would expect. Anyone getting too close for less kind reasons has a lot to deal with - especially if it gets out the tuba.

Communication Tools & Systems

Listen here, if you don't stop trying to fight me, I'm going to let you hear my FAVOURITE song - it's called I'm Going To Scream and the final note's a REAL belter!
— the Wandering Bellsong, getting quite exasperated with this attacker
  The Bellsong communicates mainly through instruments. Including its voice, which it considers an instrument. It likes to speak in operatic tones and understands a number of common languages (including Common, Gnomish, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, and Orc) as well as a few of the more obscure. It especially enjoys being given opportunities to practice its Celestial, but tries to avoid people who approach it in Draconic for fear of being added to a dragon's hoard.
Chaotic Good
the Noisemaker
Chime go ding, bell go bong, be inspired - here's my song!
Supposedly unique; sometimes pines for a second.
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity

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