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It doesn’t matter the season, the time of day or night, nor does the weather affect the harmonious whistling of the hunchback holding the reigns.   Each note clear and perfect, carried upon the wind to unnatural distances.   He will not stop to rest, nor pause for even a friendly hail. Even the port authorities stand aside, neither checking nor charging the withering body urging the oxen forward.   For contained within the frame of that rickety-old wagon is the splendor and wonder of the University of Magic, traveling the world for all to see.   …and everyone smiles when the Wolen comes to town.

The Wagon

Few would assume anything special about the scratched and faded grey wagon. Flecks of color whisper that the long-bedded vehicle must have once wore a bright red paint proudly. Scratches and notches now cover the wood, still held together by who-knows-what, while the bright red cherry wood wheels wrapped in faded green metal seem to hit every pothole and puddle.   Strapped to the sides of the twelve foot container on wheels are ten barrels, held tight by rope no blade can loose. All but one barrel is painted bright red, the last—closest to the hunchback—is black as night.   Should you try to peer inside that barrel, he’ll gift you a bruise across the face to match.   Arching high above the drivers seat the walls stretch, leaning too far to one side. What side that is, depends upon who is looking—but one thing is for sure—the wagons tongue reached out, feasting upon the weather to keep the hunchback dry.    

The Oxen

Pulling this spectacle at the command of the hunchback are 'Fred', and...'Fred'--two magnificent beasts, as old and curious as the wagon itself. These blue furred Longhorn Toms sway in perfect harmony, their steady pace never faltering, never stopping…until the master cracks his whip.   Rumors say that these beasts continue to walk, even as they sleep--which sounds utterly impossible--but it's true. I've seen it. While visiting the Master Games for Olen Fred and Fred were fast asleep, while pulling the fan wheel.

The Magic of Wolen

Contained within the old wagon is a stadium of wonder--the Masters of Olen Competition.   Constructed to fit the current venue, this tent provides seating up to five thousand people, surrounding a platform with the five players and referee.   In addition to the stadium, the tent provides a ticket booth, concessions stand, and the 'animal hut' where the hunchback keeps his rare species of birds, beasts. and dragons to entertain while the games are being prepared.

Sighted Destinations

Til-Thorin Keep
The Black Market
Clockworks City
The Wolen is infused with a myriad of enchantments, the full extend of which we are under oath not to divulge.   What we can say is that this vehicle has a specific purpose...and those who discover the Wolen on highway or back-way would be wise to allow it to fulfill its course.   Or else.  
"The children love when the Wolen comes to town--the way Master Fennick shares the wondrous candy from his magic barrels, or the fire he shoots into the sky when he arrives!"
— Andilain Farmer
"Best time of the year--when 'ol Fennick brings the wagon out to Seafoam.   It's not the games that interest me so much as...how he's able to get those oxen to walk across the ocean water--pulling that wagon right along with them!"
— Narwu of the Duron

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