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Kokreba Mum, Puppeteer Cart

A kokreba mum is the cart of a puppeteer in the Dark Northern Lands. It brings joy to children with puppets shows in these dangerous lands. The kokreb is actually a mighty mage and their puppets are enchanted dolls, extensions of their being and power, able move and even cast spells also when the mage is asleep or unconscious.   Since the puppeteers are alńe, parents love their shows much less than children, always keeping a watchful eye on the cart and the unused dolls. Sometimes they would rather host blood mages (see Nirće for something about them) than puppeteers: at least they don't have dreadful living dolls and don't interact constantly with children.   Sometimes a mule pulls the cart during travels, more often the puppeteer themself.

Armor and defense

The cart can seem like an inconvenient vehicle to move with, in the dark lands: the wheels often get stuck in the mud and it is heavy and uncomfortable for a single traveller. In reality, the puppets can walk autonomously and often do so, to scout path ahead, protect rear and flanks and detect dangers and interesting findings. The dolls should be thought of as organs of the mage: they share mental capabilities and information with the mage, they are as powerful as them and always know what happens to the others.   The cart itself is usually protected by magic seals which harm whoever tries to damage the vehicle. Nevertheless, it remains a wooden wagon and can be easily destroyed with any weapon. The only mean that does not work is fire since usually one of the seals absorbs a certain amount of heat.   It is worth noting the cart is not magically linked with the puppeteer or the dolls: it is the stage for shows and essentially the mage's house, but nothing more.
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