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Nirće means doll in the nordic language. Dolls are toys for children, gifted to them once a year during their birthday.   Dolls are so common in the dark lands' culture that some mages agreed in using specific ones as a secret symbol, the iky alńa nirće, the blood sorcerer's dolls: blood mages use them to recognise each other without saying a word.


In the Dark Lands, some alńe decide to draw power from the Abyss itself: they let the corrupted energy into their body and mind in a blood ritual, from which they take their name. They are progressively corrupted by the abyssal energies but obtained unprecedented magical powers. Though in time they found ways to slow the corruption, most mages still see them as dangerous aberrations, more similar to the creature they should fight than to people.   For this reason, iky alńe agreed in time on a common item to be used as a secret symbol, a nirć, a doll, but specifically with red hair and a pitch-black dress. They always carry the doll with themselves when they travel and live it in plain sight near the door when at home. Other blood mages will recognise the symbol and know no harm is meant against them.   The colours have been chosen wisely: dolls usually represent the aspect of common people, meaning in the dark lands they are usually blonde with brown or grey dresses. A black dress does not draw attention as a light colour would, but it pretty uncommon, especially when coupled with the red hair.   Since it is impossible to distinguish between a normal alńy and an iky alńy without some magical means, such as the magic field sensitiveness trance, they can usually just pass unnoticed as simple mages. Nevertheless, especially when they travel in unfamiliar regions, knowing that another blood mage lives there means that the area is probably secure.   In larger towns at the borders with the Empire, this symbolism is known and used by some members of the Sutii Šifjo, the Shadow Court. They often don't care whether someone is a blood mage or a regular one if they can get help, so they carry the doll to be easily recognizable.
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