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Magic Field Sensitiveness Trance

In the Dark Lands, where abyssal monstrosities wander the region, often disguised as normal people, it is essential to know how to detect their presence and interact with them.   Since it can sometimes be very difficult to correctly perceive magic around, witches and sorcerers, collectively called alńe, developed a mixture of natural herbs, mushrooms and magical formulas which allow, once ingested, to see the magical field and its fluctuations: if oscillations are irregular near something or someone, it means the item or person are enchanted and can be dangerous. Warriors are assiduous users of the mixture since it allows them to see invisible enemies.


A few minutes after the ingestion the effects begin. First, the person experiences lightheadedness, which will be the last effect to wear off. Then they will begin seeing the magic field as a thin veil covering everything, regularly oscillating near people. Users reported how colours shift slightly towards cold ones, with white becoming often light blue. After one or two hours the magic field sensitiveness begins slowly vanishing and will be completely gone in another hour or so.   If the user's body can sustain the drug no more, the person passes out and awakes after about an hour with a painful headache. In case this happens, alńe suggest to drink clean water, eat sheep meat and get some rest until morning under a soft blanket. Passing out is possible at any moment, even for a warrior, especially after a fight, when the adrenaline decreases.

Cultural Reception

Because of the possible side-effect of passing out, the lightheadedness and the following headache, people, especially non-warriors, are afraid of the mixture and think of the magic field sensitiveness trance as a dreadful experience. For this reason, they also see the warrior who assume it to defend the village as heroes, ready to die for their people (which they actually are).   Unfortunately, they also often extend suspiciousness to the alńy preparing the mixture: if they can harm people with a drug meant for good, what evil actions are they able to carry out?   Most consider this trance (and alńy also) as a necessary evil to fight back abyssal creatures and survive.


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