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[person name] [adjective with alliteration] [vehicle name with alliteration] (for now, initials V.V.V.)

V.V.V. is a magical food truck that makes continuous rounds around the continent. As the truck travels settlement to settlement, V learns local cuisines, the people’s kitchen secrets, and collects food ingredients specific to the region, resulting in a vast array of traditional cuisines from all over the land, as well as an ever changing menu of experimental dishes - ingredients, cooking techniques, and spices of different cultures combined in exciting ways. Though V’s competitors sigh in defeat at the sound of their arrival, V’s customers delight whenever the truck visits their community, all dragging along the uninitiated to share the joys of trying something new. But, as much as V’s customers love the food, what they truly gather round for are V’s songs and stories of far away places, relishing in the tales of V’s dangerous and exciting adventures to find and learn all the delicious dishes the plentiful lands have to offer.
The truck itself is built like your average well-traveled caravan, though decorated in a far more gaudy and eye catching fashion, the interior is an endless source of curiosity for customers. As well as exceeding the dimensions of the exterior - fitting a large kitchen as well as entire rooms in the space of a simple [check dimensions] wagon, many of the appliances and tools seem able to function on their own as V chats away with customers, stopping only occasionally to give the implements new instructions or compliments. Some speculate - and argue amongst themselves - whether this is due to an invisible, spectral team of companions, or if the instruments possess some sort of sentience.
V and their delectable delicacies don’t bring joy to all in the land, however. Other traveling food carts who had previously enjoyed big successes in the food truck business are continuously finding themselves running out of customers, or receiving snide complaints about their sub-par services - even when V is on route on the other side of the continent! As such a band of disgruntled food truck owners have joined forces, planning to thwart V and end their business once and for all. To do so, they just need to find a way into the vault - one of the rooms in V’s magically expanded caravan, walls crafted from thick lead and always guarded by an enchanted suit of armor to keep V’s priceless recipe book from being scryed upon or stolen.

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