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Entertainment Float

An entertainment float is a miniaturized airship used to provide portable sound projection, light projection, and fog effects. Entertainment floats are designed to be operated by a single pilot, dieseltech computer (in the manner of a flying stage automaton, or via remote control. Entertainment floats are relatively common commercial vehicles in the Manifold Sky, operating in many situations (i.e. parades, block parties, and seasonal markets) where a permanent entertainment venue would be impractical.   The bottom of an entertainment float's gas envelope is cupped to provide directional sound, giving the whole vehicle the generalized shape of a Human brain - especially when tethered to auxiliary power through its aft 'stem'. Conversely, the float's twin ducted fans are located far at the back of the float with broad lower cowlings to isolate the audience from their otherwise fairly minimal sound; these fans are electric-powered rather than drawing directly from the vehicle's well-muffled diesel power plant. The gondola of the float is an open truss with a comfortable harness for one operator. Most of the float's lifting capacity is taken up with a large bank of megaphones, a stripped-down vinyl jukebox for the operator to select songs, one or more spotlights, and a small smoke projector.   While Voxelias buyers are always keen to acquire entertainment floats for their artistic pursuits, the vehicles were originally designed and built by Rostrax Aerostat & Aerodyne for early warning and search-and-rescue roles. Entertainment floats have poor endurance for airships, but have great endurance when compared to Rostran autogyros and can linger over dark waters for long periods of time when searching for lost sailors.   A Vale Verdial adaptation of entertainment floats involves the use of gas spores in lieu of an artificial envelope, turning the float into a miniaturized class of Verdial sporeship. In this sporeship configuration, the intense beams of the spotlights can be used to scare Distal polyp away from advancing forestry patrols.
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