As the sun sets over the lands,
The mighty xuis still walk on,
Guided by those steady hands,
Of those who travel there upon.
  The most famous symbol of The Wanderers are the great beasts knowns as the Xuis. These are used by the tribes who mostly do trading, and the animals are both their mode of transportation and their homes.   For The Rooted, the arrival of Xuis merchants has long been something to look forward to, as they come bearing news and wares from other towns an villages. Even to this day, some remote villages still don't have any contact with the outside world aside from Wanderer caravans.  

The Animal

The xuis is mostly known for their enormous size, the biggest known individual was supposedly over 5 metres tall at the shoulder. They are very sturdy animals, with thick legs to hold their massive weight up, and a long neck for reaching both trees and bushes. They have quite long ears that can be flapped to get rid of insects in their faces, and a long tail, similar to that of a horse, for similar reasons.   Xuis are strictly herbivorous and they feed on almost any kind of leaves they can find and reach. They also very much like sweet fruits, something which is used heavily in the taming of young xuis.   The Xuis are highly regarded by the Wanderers who use them as they are an integral part of their lives. They build their huts on their backs and live most of their lives there, travelling across the land. The rearing and training of young xuis are handled by the most trusted people in the group, and they have usually been training for it since they were very young.
A fully grown adult stands at about 4,5 metres at the shoulders.
They can be up to 8 metres long.
Life expectancy
Xuis usually become between 40 and 50 years old.

The ʙiri

Pronounciation: ʙ is a bilabial trill. Also spelled (and pronounced) Briri by people who don't have this sound.

The briri is the huts Wanderers build on the back of their xuis. These huts are built out of bamboo which makes them very light, and often sparsely furnished. They are mostly just used to have a dry roof over your head while sleeping or in bad weather, as well as a place to keep your personal belongings.   Everything when it comes to resources are kept on separate animals for storage. There is also, usually, separate briri and xuis for a medical hut in the group so that sick people, or women giving birth, can get some privacy.   Nowadays, with the introduction of stoves and such that doesn't require living fire next to the wooden huts, there is also usually a separate briri just for preparing food. This means the caravans don't even have to stop for making food anymore.

Cover image: by Vertixico


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Xuis sound huge and strangely adorable, with their thick legs, long necks, and big ears :D I want to see one!!   I love that the Wanderers even build huts atop the backs of these massive creatures. It really paints a vibrant image in my mind! I can imagine how excited people in isolated villages would be, seeing these caravans pulling up towards town.

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