The Year is 632

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"Wait, they are here? In OUR Tosormi?!"
"Take a deep breath now. It's not our Tosormi, it's the Creator's world, we're just here to take care of it."
"But the Creator isn't here anymore now, are they? And they promised to keep over there with their lomloms!"
"I do believe they are called Lomians, not lomloms. And it's because of the Lomians they are here, they apparently found Tosormi on their own."
"Oh! I don't believe that for a moment!"

The world was created in the beginning by the Creator, a namless being of unknown origin. They left the world in the hands of the Deities, a group of immortal beings with a lot of personality. The Deities quickly chose areas and people they considered theirs, while creating their own homes on a group of islands.

However, they would soon learn that people are as willful as the deities, and when they start travelling and expanding their nations, the Deities soon clash with one another over who have the right to stay there.

The people of Tosormi now have to deal with not only their own differences and opinions, but they're also always caught up in the Deities' quarreling, as well as having to deal with a world ripe with mythical creatures and nature that have been messed with by the Deities for eons.

Welcome to Tosormi!

Introduction to Tosormi a.k.a. Where do I start?
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