Through flame and flood,
Tosormi rises above,
Blessed be those who get to walk on its soil,
For no land is fairer than this


The continent of Tosormi is a large continent just below the equator, south of The Gods' Realm. The land is divided by a great mountain range spanning from west to east, making it very hard to travel between the northern and the southern part.   The northen part of Tosormi is dominated by a big bay, caused by a meteor a long time ago, now splitting the northern part in two. Being so close to the equator means the climate here is very hot, ranging from dry deserts to humid rain forests.
It is a very wild place, with strange flora and fauna. Some say that since the northern part is so close to the Gods' realm, their magic spreads to the nature here. A lot of the plant and animal life here is much sought after in the rest of the world and considered high valued.   The southern part is a bit more varied. To the west lush forests spread out, slowly transitioning into planes and steppes as the climate gets drier inland. The east is more dry than the western forests, but not by much. Here fertile soil spread out as far as the eye can see. It is here the first of The Rooted settled their farms, and it is here The Lomians founded their capital.   South of Tosormi is a bunch of islands. The eastern islands are inhabited by fishermen, farmers and traders. The western islands, on the other hand, were inhabited until recently because of their steep mountains and active volcanoes, making them hard to live on. Nowadays, however, there is a lot of thriving mining operations here as rare gems and metals have been found.


The deities' love for Tosormi was always apparent. Why they chose this place in the world to favour above others remain a question, but it remains a fact that Tosormi holds a special place in the hearts of the Creator's children.
  For a long time after the creation of humans, Tosormi remained a quiet place. While the other continents soon got filled with people, with all the joy and sorrow that brings, only The Wanderers lived here. The oceans on both sides of the continent were very wild and primitive technology had a hard time making it over them to reach this place. Where the Wanderers came from to start with, no one knows.   However, several hundred years ago, one group of people did make it here. Those who would later be known as The Rooted came across the ocean in simple boats. How any of them actually survived the journey is something only the deities know now. They fled famine and disease in their home land, and found fertile and empty soil in Tosormi. As the Wanderers didn't farm, the two groups of people settled rather peacefully side by side.   The arrival of the Rooted were the only mayor thing that disturbed the tranquility of Tosormi up until about 140 years ago. A single ship sailed across the ocean from the west, carrying Prince Namoh and his first expedition from the Lomian Empire. This was the year 496.   The first expedition lead to the Lomian Empire taking over Tosormi. The Wanderers and the Rooted didn't put up much of a fight as The Lomians technology was far superior to theirs. This lead to Tosormi becoming a part of the Empire, although in reality the northern part was left mostly alone due to its inhospitable climate.   Over a hundred years later the Lomians were kicked out as a result to The Celestial War.

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