The Lomians

From the wastes of the north,
To the fields of the south,
From coast to other coast,
The Lomians reign supreme
  The people called Lomians in Tosormi is actually a group of different ethnicites who originates from the continent where the Lomian Empire makes its home. To the people of Tosormi, however, they seem quite similar and it is not completely flawed to group them together.  

History in Tosormi

The Lomians arrived in Tosormi in 496 with the first expedition led by Prince Namoh. They were vastly superior in terms of technology and weaponry and it didn't take long for them to put Tosormi under them as a part of the Empire.   After The Celestial War the Empire was thrown out of Tosormi and most of the higher classes went back to their home continent. A lot of the common folk who had moved here stayed, however. After all they had built up a life here, some families having lived in Tosormi for over a century by now.  

New Tosormians

Today, those who stayed in Tosormi are usually called New Tosormians to differentiate them from the Lomians still living in the Lomian Empire. They can be found all over Tosormi, having integrated well in society on most levels. They're still most common in cities and towns, however.  

Views of Other People

Others views on new Tosormians

There hasn't been too many years since the Lomian Empire left, and there are still a lot of prejudice against new Tosormians. Especially many The Rooted view them with suspicion. The Wanderers tend to do what they always do and not care too much about who you are as long as you behave properly, and this includes new Tosormians.

New Tosormians' views of others

Due to the prejudice against them from the Rooted, there is kind of a viscious circle where new Tosormians don't trust the Rooted either. In some smaller towns and villages this has resultet in quite the divide of people sometimes. Regarding the Wanderers, Tosormians tend to view them as mysterious and exotic, and they are often romanticized in stories and similar.

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