Introduction to Tosormi a.k.a. Where do I start?

Welcome to the world of Tosormi!

Please, have a chair and come explore this world with me!   What happens if ancient mythologies, such as the ones in Greece or Scandinavia, were real and then brought into the future of an industrial revolution? This is the main concept behind Tosormi. The world contains a bunch of willful deities and fantastical beings that the people have to deal with.   Tosormi is in reality only the name of the continent where I place the majority of my worldbuilding and stories. There are other places in the world, such as the place where the Lomians come from, but I won't focus much on these.   The world of Tosormi can be divided into two Eras: the First which focuses on the time when the Lomians first arrived in Tosormi, and the Second which takes place several hundred years later when the countries in Tosormi are no longer part of the Lomian Empire and the technology level has reached a more industrial level. Most of my articles will consist of some general info, followed by info relating to the two eras and how the subject of the article has evolved over time.   Tosormi is first and foremost a playground for me, as well as a place where I will put the stories I write. Shorter stories will be published on here from time to time for your enjoyment! If you enjoy the world of Tosormi, please don't hesitate to give me a follow, a like or a comment!  

Lightness, genre and setting

So what is Tosormi in terms of setting? Tosormi is neither excessively dark nor light. Dark and evil things happen, but overall the 'good' tend to win. Despite this there is not always a very clear distinction between good and evil. There are no places, or races, or similar that are seen as inheritantly good or bad. The stories I write for Tosormi tend to have a happy ending with most of the important characters surviving till the end.   One of the main aspects however, is the deities in the world. They like to interfere with humans and their lives, and the notion of a fate or destiny is very prevalent in most cultures. The deities are very much present in the world, there have been numerous demi-gods and the like born throughout the ages, as well as fantastical beasts created by the deities for different purposes. All of these are very much present in the world and for every-day people.   I want the world to feel exotic and fantastic but based in realism, like a place you could escape to from our own dreary and sometimes very dark world. However, I do still have dark elements. From the invasion of the Lomians, with battles between God's and enslavement in older times, to the modern times of industrialization, with problems like overcrowded cities, poor hygiene, very poor working conditions etc.   When it comes to genre, Tosormi is a mix between fantasy and steampunk.  

So where do I start reading?

There are two ways which I think is the best way to get into the world. One is to read the Stories first and then look up the articles which interest you from that. The other is to start with reading the articles about the different groups of people that inhabit Tosormi, as the world and my writing centers a lot around the people.  

Currently Working On

With July just hear, my main focus at the moment is Summer Camp! I'm aiming for that shiny, shiny diamond badge so expect a lot of different articles coming out this month!  

How to support Tosormi

Any type of support, be it likes, comments, retweets, or anything else, is SO very appreciated! Even though I am writing the setting for myself there is nothing better than to know others are enjoying my work!   If you want to follow me more closely as I work I am quite active over at twitter: D_Cutlow
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I also stream two times a week, working on my world as well as playing chill games.
Check it out!   You can also find me in WorldAnvils discord most of the time, don't hesitate to chat with me there!

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