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The highest status of cool

When your friends show up with their duneboards, you know your day is about to get EPIC!
  Duneboarding has become the latest craze among the hip and young folk in Melior, especially in regions that have large sand dunes along the coast - or better yet, the biiiiiig dunes in the desert (EVERYONE wants to master those). The sport involves “surfing” down sand dunes on a wooden board or sled, either strapped in or balancing on your own. There’s no shame in having straps or tethers on your duneboard - if you fall off, your board could go soaring away and it would take ages to get it back again - the more time you're on the board, the better.   A custom made duneboard makes a fantastic gift, and is a popular choice among the the Nurbotu Scarfolk in Anvil as they are within walking distance of the red hot dunes of the great Nurbotu desert.    

Models & Designs

There are many different variations when it comes to design and having your own bespoke board makes you even more badass as you kick up a spray of sand clouds behind you while soaring down the dunes.   Sleds are often very smooth - some have higher sides so you won’t fall out and others have a higher front as a face shield against the sand (you'll get more street cred for wearing a bandanna over your face instead).   Standing boards are the best though, it takes real skill to balance standing up on one. Some have curved up edges that not only help prevent digging into the sand and faceplanting, but they can also be used for tricks and grabs.   The bottom side is always perfectly smooth and often waxed, but the topside can be painted or carved into with unique designs or patterns that suit the rider.    

Professional Sport

Duneboards aren’t just for young folk though, the real pros have much bigger boards, some even sporting really long duneboards as big as a surfboard, but those can only be taken to the biggest desert dunes to get the full speed out of them. Some folks have been experimenting with artificial wings and kites to aid their agility after seeing the flying folk like ardeans use their natural acrobatic skill to achieve new moves.   Sporting events are based on a variety of categories, including: speed races, longest jumps, fanciest tricks, and slope slaloms. Coastal events often involve a constructed ramp or dune at the end for participants to soar stylishly into the sea.
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14 Jul, 2020 01:03

Great take on the prompt! It reminds me of sledding at White Sands, NM.

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14 Jul, 2020 08:25

Thanks! I found it quite a challenging prompt to tackle, so I went back to my childhood memories of how much I enjoyed skateboarding (despite being rubbish at it!) and thought about how I could introduce something suitable for a dark fantasy world :D

Journals of Yesteryear
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26 May, 2021 03:20

Super cool! The coolest! :D Way to create something that resonates with the thrill-seeking youths--Melior X-Games? :D A board with carved decorations rather than painted ones is pretty unique -- as I imagine they'd have to paint them a lot after the sand scores it off.

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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10 Jun, 2021 18:35


Journals of Yesteryear
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10 Jun, 2021 19:07

This sounds like so much fun! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
1 Jul, 2021 18:59

This is super cool! Like fantasy, desert skateboarding!

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
9 Jul, 2021 13:41

Ohhh, this makes me want to go sandboarding. I am only mildly concerned about the sand in the face, even with the bandana it sounds like it could be more of a problem than snow or seawater. Even better kitesandboarding... why did nobody invent it yet?

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