Essence is just one piece of the puzzle of Magic; Magic is one piece of the puzzle of the Planeverse.
Professor Timbletok of the College of Wonders in Aborany
  There is much debate to the acutal existance of this energy source, yet many believe it to be true. Essence is the power of the soul, life and everything good. Many believe it is a gift from the gods as it is their holy light blessing them. Others think it is just another force of nature which is yet to be fully discovered.   However there is no denying that many effects are possible, thanks to some kind of mystical, meta-physical resource. One which cannot be seen, smelt, felt, heard or tasted; at least when untampered with.  


Taria's Order

Taria's Light shines not only upon us, but within each of us
— A recital often seen within a church of Taria's Order
Essence is the power of life, specifically the power which Taria; Goddess of Creation gifted to her children. The sun within Atharia and many other planes is the source of such energy.  

College of Wonders


The power of light and the goodness of the world. Essence is also known as the power of the soul, as Essence is life.


This is the power of all things bad. Entropy is darkness, death and destruction. Evil is the way of Entropy.

— an extract from Professor Timbletok's Essentropy: Life, Death and You
Professor Timbletok is one of the lead researchers of the College of Wonders. He has studied magic and determined there are 2 forces of Magic, Essence and Entropy. Every spell utilises either one or both forces, it all depends on one's intent. What one thinks and feels as they cast their incantation, effect how much Essence and Entropy one uses.  


With great power comes great responsibility, as power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely
Essence is indeed the energy of which powers many Magic spells and Technology. Without it, there would be no potions, no Planeships and no magic. In fact the world would be full of Entropy, the polar opposite of Essence.   Entropy is the dark, evil energy of the Planeverse. Taria's Order call it the Force of Death. Much like Essence, it appears Entropy can be utilised as a magical force; which is was makes Necromancy possible, a practice which is forbidden across many planes.  
Essence is the energy of healing, not destruction
— A Priest of Taria's Order
Many healing spells primarily use Essence. However, it is found that one is transfering their Essence to the injured, to speed up their healing process. This practice has its dangers, as the healer could easily become a patient themselves. This is because casting spells, and not just the healing kind, expends the Essence around them and within them. The Essence from within is the power of the Soul, which must never be depleted. Even draining Essence is dangerous as Entropy could find its way into one's soul to corrupt the once lifeful soul.


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