Magical Technology

great power bring great responsibility, also power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely
— A caution from many wise folks of the Planeverse.
Magic is a fundamental element of the planeverse. Many people across the many planes of the Cosmic Sea have the ability to tap into this natural force of great power. However, only very few people can utilize this power directly, as in being able to cast spells. This is where Magical Technology comes into play, to allow those who aren't able to use magic directly can still use it through the usage of Magical Devices.   Magisys is a large business which specialises in developing magical devices. They are the ones who invented the Stone Phones and Magical Detection devices. In fact, all planes within the Alliance of the Planes made it law for magic users to acquire a license. Magic Detection technology is vital to ensure this law is upheld and enforced.  


Magical Technology has changed the way people move around the planeverse. The most prominant change is the Plane Shifting technology in Planeships, which is magical technology that enables the vessals to pass through protected Plane Barriers. With the Plane Barrier Probes, governments of planes can filter who and what enters and exits their plane.   Now there are numerous Planeships sailing through the Cosmic Sea. There are ones which sail to trade, explore and protect those who perhaps cannot protect themselves. People can now travel to places where they could not go before, if it weren't for the ability for planeships to plane shift.  


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