"Being a Heffling is more than adventuring and helping those in great need; its a way of life."
  A Heffling is an member of a adventuring troupe who travel from place to place, aiding those who are in need. Being a Heffling is a way of life for many Atharians. Adventuring requires a lot of skills and resources to carry out, and there is more to adventuring than diving into dungeons and slaying beasts.   A troupe of Hefflings are often larger than the typical band of 4 adventurers. In fact these 4 would still be members of the troupe, but they will also be supported by many other people. Such as there are those whose responsibility is to aid with the Heffling Camps which the troupe pitch.  

Customs and Traditions

Becoming a Heffling

To become a Heffling, all you need to do is find one and ask. Many Hefflings welcome new followers, with the entry point of being a Camper. Whilst being a Heffling Camper, it is up to the individual to prove themselves as well as to gain trust and loyalty to the Camp.  

Travelling & Camping

Travelling is perhaps the one thing Hefflings do the most. It is very rare a troupe of Hefflings stay in one place for very long. If they do, it is perhaps there are many Bounties to pick up and claim.  

Roles & Resposibilities

The Adventurer

These are the Hefflings who go out to complete quests and the tasks on a Bounty Poster  

The Quest Seeker

Their task is to enter towns and other settlements to find Bounty Posters and other jobs for the Adventurers to quest for.  

The Camper

Campers stay behind in the Heffling Camp to help maintain, clean and manage the camp itself. Gathering and cooking food for the Hefflings, cleaning the horses and their stables; and pitching and stitching the tents are but a few tasks and resoponsibilities of a camper. Outsiders may view these folk as the lowest among the Hefflings, however every Heffling knows the Camper is just as or more important than any other role in a Heffling troupe.
Significant presence in

Common Views & Opinions

Being a Heffling Camper is the life for me. It is satisfying to uplift my fellow Heffs by simply cooking them a good stew
— A Heffling Camper
They're a bunch of filthy, disgusting, band of thugs if you ask me. Its just an excuse to roam around and do what? Nothing. Exactly!
— A Citizen of Appley
If it wasn't for the Hefflings, our village would still be harassed by the pack of Tigerwolves.
— A Townie who resides in Elverston


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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
6 Dec, 2020 20:38

This sounds like such a wholesome lifestyle. I love the Campers especially. :)

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
28 Dec, 2020 14:31

*cheers for the Heffe and all the wonderful Hefflings*

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