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The Fungeon

This is a work in progress and updates/edits will be made to it.   You help can help by reading, testing and sharing your feedback in the comments below or let me know in the Heffling Discord.

Enter the Fungeon

The Fungeon is a Sports Entertainment Adventuring system for Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPG). The Players and Game Master (GM) are part of a grand entertainment Company of competitive, arena-based games.  

Any Setting

This Adventuring System can be applied to any Setting you want. Fantasy or Sci-fi. Anywhere you wish.

Any System

This Adventuring System is System Agnostic. This means you can play this with any TTRPG System.

Any Style

Pro-wrestling, Roman-styled Gladiators or a robot smash 'em up. It is your show. Anything is possible.

Support the Fungeon

  For the free way to support, try it, play it, give feedback and share this with someone you think would enjoy it!

Know your Role!


You are the Superstars.
You have been given the monumental task of putting up the greatest show in the setting you are in. You will need to work together as a team, constantly training and pushing each other to become the best.

Game Masters

You are the General Manager.
It is your responsibility to manage your Superstar Roster (Players and NPCs) and book the right matches to gain the highest Ratings. Make sure your full roster is included. Your Superstars are your most valuable assets.
You are a team of competitors.
The games you will be playing are highly competitive. Superstars must not only be physically fit but also mentally sharp and strategic to win. But, Remember, only one of you can be the Champion of the Fungeon!
You are the host of the show.
How you present it is your decision. You're also the Game Master, work with your Players, bring them to the edge of their seats with the stories you offer and let the dice decide your Champion of the Fungeon!
You are all in this together!
Poor ratings do no good for anyone. The higher the ratings, the more fans the company attracts to their shows, which then means more tickets are sold and wages are paid. Poor Ratings, no fans, no Fungeon!  

How to Play


The basic requirements are the same as any traditional TTRPG system.  
A Chosen System
Decide which TTRPG system you wish to play the Fungeon with. Make sure to refer to the rules of the TTRPG system you are to play with and make sure you have everything your need to play that system.
Pen & paper
Each Player and Game Master will need to be able to take notes of their Superstars. If you're using a third-party TTRPG system, you will need to use any sheets they may require.
A full set of Tabletop Roleplaying Dice, or access to a digital dice rolling app.
Maps (Optional)
You may utilise battle maps to track the games, or you may even play in the "theatre of the mind."

Number of Players

The recommended number of Players is around 4 people, with 1 Game Master (so 5 in total). However, the Game Master can choose how many players they wish to host. Again, like with the more traditional TTRPGs.

System Agnostics

Being System Agnostic means the adventure can be played using any TTRPG system. This is achieved in this set of rules by following certain agnostic terminology. Many TTRPGs have similar features and mechanics. It is recommended to use a system you are most familiar with and that you are confident in "tweaking" to make it work.  

Agnostic Terminology

Remember to be consistent when making decisions on interpreting these. Consistency in gaming increases fairness.  
Skill Check
A die roll to determine the success or failure when attempting a task. Often determined by rolling a die and adding any applicable character stats, then if the result is equal to or higher than the target number (often referred to as the Difficulty or DC) the skill check was a success.
Attack & Defence Rolls
Whichever system you use, when asked to make an Attack or Defence roll, follow your system's combat rule to determine an Attack or a Defence. A Defence roll can also be interpreted as a Saving Throw.

Fungeon Business

The Company

The Company is the organisation of your Sports Entertainment enterprise. It is the purpose of the Company to host competitive game shows (or just Shows) across any setting of your choice to sell tickets and to entertain the crowd so they'd buy more tickets in the future.


The show is the entire session. From training and backstage downtime to trash-talking promos and the games themselves. The General Manager books the program, and the Superstars perform to their best ability to gain the highest Show Rating.


The Games are where the Superstars do their best to compete to win, while they entertain the crowd with their performances. Superstars must develop Buzz before and during the games, as it is with the Buzz they can gain the momentum for the most spectacular manoeuvres.

Trophy Points

Throughout this Adventure, Players are to do what they can to earn Trophy Points.

Gaining TP

There are multiple ways of gaining TP:
Winning Matches
This is the primary way of gaining and is granted to the winner(s) of the match.
Achieving (Random) Goals in a Match
Under the Matches section there is a table of match goals a Superstar can roll for at the start of the match. If they complete that goal in the following match, they gain . Examples include: Taunting 5 times in one match, countering a finishing move twice in one match; and completing a finishing move 3 times on the same opponent.
GM's Choice (Optional)
The Game Master/General Manager may wish to reward their Superstars TP for any reason.
Player's Choice (Optional)
At the end of every match, Players can choose a Player/Superstar other than their own, to reward them with TP for any reason.

One-shot Shows

A show can be run as one session or multiple sessions.   The Superstar or Team with the highest TP at the end of the one-shot is the Champion. A show is an event split into multiple Segments.  


For the long-form adventures, you may still accumulate TP. Perhaps there is an ongoing league where whoever is on top with the most TP is the Champion. Alternatively, the Champion could be faced with a number 1 contender or multiple contenders for their Champion status.

Order of Business

Below is the checklist of what needs to be prepared before you are to compete in the games & matches of your shows.  
Step 1: Create your Sports Entertainment Company (Company Creation)
The first step is to create the initial details of your Sports Entertainment Company.
Step 2: Create the Superstars (Superstar Creation)
Each Player is to create their Superstar through the usual Character Creation process of the chosen TTRPG System. Game Masters are to create any NPCs they wish to create, much like any other Adventure.
Step 3: Book and run shows (Show Creation & Match Creation)
Once the Company and Roster are set, it will then be time to create shows by creating matches. Build rivalries, develop stories and find the Champion of the Fungeon.
  Once you have created the first show, you are then to play each Segment and find out who becomes the Champion of the Fungeon.  

Company Creation

The Company creation process can be achieved either by the GM or collectively with the Players.  

Company Information

The information a Company needs is:  
The Brand
Even though the terms Company and Brand are often used interchangeably to mean the business organisation as a whole; it is the Company that is the Organisation and the Brand is the name, theme and representation of the Company. It is up to you, as Players, GMs and as a group, to decide how far you wish to describe your Company and its Brand. Perhaps the Company uses many Brands for different types of Shows or leagues.
Here are some prompting questions for making your Company and its Brand. What kind of gladiator company is this brand and what do you all stand for? Are you a band of hardened gladiators? Or perhaps acrobats and athletes who perform stunts with each other? Or a mix of both? Here, describe who the Company is as a whole and the general theme. Match your company to the setting. Perhaps be mindful of the setting is themed as bright & noble, grim & dark, or somewhere in between.  
The HQ
This is the Company's base of operations. This could be the one location where superstars train and put on a good show. This could also be a travelling caravan and you all travel to arenas across your setting. Either way, this is the main place of Company business.

Example Company

The Brand: The Fungeon Guild of Champions (FGC)
Decades ago a mercenary group built a training ground to recruit and train new fighters for their company. However, there was long standing peace at the time, so to give their recruits experience the Company set up a facility to host combat sports entertainment shows known as the Fungeon.  
HQ: The FLC Guildhall
The FLC Guildhall is now the largest guildhall of its kind. Only the best may enter and become the Champion of the Fungeon.   The Guildhall provides shelter to their Superstars by giving them a room. Recruits sleep in the barracks, but the fully-fledged Superstars are granted their room. The only "rent" every Superstar has is to give the company 100% when in the arena, by giving the crowd 100%. Alternatively, Superstars may live elsewhere and travel to the hall when necessary.   Other facilities include a large Messhall and training grounds for melee, ranged and magic combatants.

Company Rating

Because the Company is in the entertainment business, it is, in most cases, in everyone's interest to grow the Company's Rating. This is the measurement of your Brand/Company's popularity in the setting of your Battle Arena Adventure. The more popular the Company/Brand the more people would buy tickets to see the shows and, therefore, more profit to expand.  
(More on Company Rating Coming Soon!)

Superstar Creation

Each Player must go through the Character Creation process of your chosen system. It is recommended that Superstars should have some level of combat capability or a skill they can rely on to win. Also, make sure everyone is at the same Character Level.

The Gimmick

A Gimmick is a Superstar's on-stage persona. Think of what kind of Superstar you would like to be. Give your Superstar a stage name and a brief description of what it means.  
  • Name - This can either be their actual name and/or their stage name.
  • Appearance - Includes attire, as well as bodily features.
  • Heel/Face - Is the Superstar a crowd pleaser (Face) or in it for themselves (Heel), or somewhere in between?

    Manoeuvre Style

    Think about the kind of flair, movements and abilities your Superstar has. Are they a powerhouse who smashes through their opponents and any challenges they face? Or are they quick, nimble and acrobatic?   Also, consider a particular move, taunt, perhaps a catchphrase; or a mix as their signature and finishing manoeuver.  


    Rivals can be set up during play, but also as you start. Rivalries are a great way to provide tension and conflict within the Company and can drive higher Ratings if the rivalry has a lot of heat (crowd interest).   ((Rivalry Mechanic is a future feature, but you can still apply a Rivalry in your story))

    Superstar Examples

  • "Beastmaster" - A wrestler who always enters the arena with a pet or familiar of some kind
  • "The Manager" - A wrestler who is always accompanied by a hype man or manager
  • "The Merchant" - A wrestler who is constantly trying to sell merchandise to the audience
  • "The Chant Master" - A wrestler who is always trying to get the crowd to chant their name
  • "The Pyrotechnic" - A wrestler who uses flashy pyrotechnics during their entrance
  • "The Masked Marvel" - A wrestler who always wears a mask or some kind of unique headgear
  • "The Mythical Creature" - A wrestler who pretends to be a monster or mythical creature
  • "The Prop Master" - A wrestler who always carries a prop weapon of some kind
  • "The Trash Talker" - A wrestler who uses a lot of trash talk before and during their matches
  • "The Rockstar" - A wrestler who is always accompanied by a theme song played by a band or musician

    Teams, Trios & Faction

    Superstars can be part of a paired team, a trio, or even a large faction of Superstars. When teams, trios and factions win a match they are all credited and rewarded for it. When teaming up with Superstars, consider naming the group. Also, consider whether they apply similar gimmicks or different but complimenting gimmicks.  

    Show Creation

    Show Rating

    Show Ratings are the average of the Games & Matches. Games & Matches can be used synonymously. Alternatively, a Game can be a set of matches, like a best of 3 competition.   Not every Game has to be played, especially if it is NPC vs NPC.   Different Games/Matches could also be played simultaneously, though if the results affect another, like in a tournament, then keep those games sequential. Otherwise, nothing stops you from running 2 games at once if you can, so every player is involved in something.


    Shows can be separated into Segments. These are different parts or scenes of the show where Superstars may interact in ways that a Game/Match doesn't offer.   Not every Segment has to be played fully. You may simulate the results by a simple contested die roll, the highest number wins.  

    Examples of Segments

    Not every type of segment has to be used, nor are you tied to use only these segments. They are prompts to help you create the show you wish to create.  
    Here the Superstars engage in a battle of words. They may brag, taunt, and insult each other as much as they'd like. The goal is to gain some early Hype and Power for an upcoming match between the Superstars. These are also great segments to implement some kind of storyline between two Superstars.  

    Show Example

    Segment 1 - Brawl
    The Masked Marvel vs The Merchant
    Segment 2 - Trash-talk
    The Trash Talker vs The Chant Master
    Segment 3 - Jousting
    The Beastmaster vs The Mythical Creature
    Segment 4 - Trash-talk
    The Manager vs The Prop Master
    Segment 5 - Brawl
    The Pyrotechnic vs The Rockstar
    Segment 6 - Brawl
    The Manager vs The Prop Master
    Main Event - Brawl, No-DQ
    The Trash Talker vs The Chant Master
    There are different ways one can manage the Downtime for their Superstars. Downtime is a great opportunity for players to roleplay their Superstars Backstage or in areas of their Personal Life. Stories and reminders of why the Superstar fights and must become Champion.   Downtime can also be training sessions for Players to improve the mechanical stats of their Superstars. Why not give your Players' Superstars a Rocky-styled training montage?  

    Building the Show

    The Arena

    Create the Arena in a style that would match your Setting and the theme of your Company. Consider adding and describing the following features:  
    The Fighting/Playing Area
    This is where the Superstars compete in their games. It could be a ring, sand-pit or an entire landscape.
    Stage & Entrance
    This is the place where Superstars enter the Fighting/Playing Area.
    The Audience
    Consider where/how the Crowd is to watch the games. Are they seated/standing around the Playing Area, or are they in some remote area? Also, consider how the Superstars could interact with the Crowd they are to entertain.

    Plan the Segments

    First, decide how many Segments you wish to have in your show. Bear in mind, the more Segments you add, the longer the show will be. Also, each Segment will vary in length. Generally speaking, the games are likely to be the longest segment as they are the focal point of each show.   Alternatively, you can begin just by listing the games the group wishes to play and compete in. Do superstars or a team, wish to face another one-on-one (or team vs team or does everyone have the same goal and therefore ought to compete in the same game?

    Plan the Sessions

    Another consideration is the number of sessions you wish to dedicate to a single show. You could play an entire show/event in one session, hosting all the games and segments. You could also divide the shows and segments, so one session is the build-up and downtime, and then the next one is the "Main Event" session where Superstars enter the arena and compete.   This is where the Fungeon can either be played as a one-shot/one-session adventure or be played in multiple sessions. This could be part of an already existing, and/or running adventure or campaign.

    Games & Matches

    This section below will guide you on how to create the Game/Match you wish to play and how to win them.  


    Applying your Chosen System

    When playing the Games & Matches, you are to use the rules and mechanics of your chosen system to decide the winner. Any combat mechanics or any rules that help guide GMs and Players to overcome challenges are to be used here.   Optionally, you may either apply the system given as part of the Fungeon system to your chosen system in some way, or completely adopt it with a simple, custom system of rolling dice of any number of sides. Then either the highest number or roll equal to or higher than a target wins.  

    Stamina & Endurance

    Endurance is the max "health" or energy of each Superstar. The Stamina is what they have within themselves to keep going and perform Actions & Manoeuvres. Together, they are the representation of how much a Superstar can take and keep on going.   Each Superstar starts with an Endurance of 10 and a Stamina of 10.

    Power & Potential

    A points system Similar to Stamina & Endurance. Power is the Superstars' current energy (and/or buzz from the crowd) of performing special Actions & Manoeuvres. Their Potential is their maximum value of Power, representing momentum.   Each Superstar starts with a Power of 0 and a Potential of 10.

    Winning & Losing

    Winning and losing a game or a match depends on the rules and goals of the game.  
    Potential Ways to Victory
  • If utilising the Stamina & Endurance points system, whenever a Superstar's Endurance reaches 0 they are incapacitated and are unable to continue competing. This Superstar would be considered Defeated.
  • Any met victory conditions based on the type of game that is being played:
  • Capturing a flag
  • Knocking out an opponent
  • Crossing the finish line first
  • Victory Points
  • Defeated Condition
    Applying a Defeated condition to a Superstar means they have, well, been defeated. Losing does not necessarily mean they have been knocked out, or if playing with fatality rules, they have died. Being defeated could mean the Superstar was thrown out of an area or has been disqualified for breaking a rule.   For whatever reason it is, a Defeated Superstar cannot re-enter the game or match. Though this could always change based on the story and/or game you are playing.
    Victory Points
    One mechanic that could be used to determine a winner, is a best of 3 (or more) "Tug of War" like points system.   Each Superstar starts with 0 Points.  

    Match Hype & Rating

    Match Hype is the crowds' current level of excitement towards a Match. The higher their Hype, the greater Rating the Match (then Show and Company) would gain.   Ratings are measured in Stars with 5 being the Maximum (5-Star Rating). Stars are added based on the Crowd's Hype:
  • 1 Star = 10 Hype
  • 2 Star = 20 Hype
  • 3 Star = 30 Hype
  • 4 Star = 40 Hype
  • 5 Star = 50 Hype
  •   Hype can increase or decrease as Superstars perform Actions & Manoeuvres. A match always starts with at least 10 Hype & 1 Star Rating. If the Match somehow reaches 0 Stars & 0 Hype, the Match is abandoned/cancelled due to it being, well, dull.   Whenever a Match increases it's ratings, all Superstars in the match gain the same amount of Power. For example, if the match reaches 5 Stars, everyone gets +5 Power.  

    Actions & Manoeuvres

    Every TTRPG system has some way for Players and GMs to interact with their fictional space through their characters. Often these are referred to as Actions. Use your chosen systems method of performing these actions, and resolve these with the use of Skill Checks and Attack/Defence (Combat) Rolls if the Action is to inflict damage onto another Character.  


    Firstly, each Player takes turns to declare and resolve their Actions; much like in any TTRPG. Use your system's rules to determining the order of turns, often referred to as the Initiative Order.  


    You can use your chosen TTRPG system's rules of movement. Often they allow you to move and take an action.   If you're using the Fungeon's Actions & Manoeuvres, Moving is handled by applying Zones in your Arena. Superstars can interact with each other in the same zone. For those playing in the Theatre of the Mind, you can implement a simple Close/Far mechanic to determing distances and reach.  


    Similar to most TTRPGs though a Reaction has a specific mechanic with the Fungeon which may complement or conflict with your chosen system. If this is the case, choose one or find a way to apply both.   A Reaction is an Action that you declare on the Opponents turn, or after they have declared their Action. By making a Reaction, you can take action on your next turn. In the Fungeon, only Actions labelled as Reactions can be used as a Reaction, same as Actions with the label Action can be used as an Action.  


    Being a sports entertainment adventure, the Fungeon is equipt with its Action system that could be used alongside your chosen system.   A Maneuver is an act of performing a kind action to entertain the crowd. Mechanically, it is an Action that has been resolved by a Skill Check, or a Combat roll, to determine its success. Each Maneuver costs Stamina to perform and may inflict Endurance damage on a Superstar's opponent if the one manoeuvring is successful in their checks. However, Manoeuvres can gain a Superstar Power, which can be spent on better Manoeuvres that cost more Stamina but can inflict more damage or push the Superstar to victory.  


    Some Maneuvers, or at any other time if it narratively fits, Conditions can be applied to Superstars. Many TTRPGs have their own Conditions (may be referred to as Status), so use those instead if you'd like.  
    The Superstar is on the laying on the floor, they must use their movement to get up. While Prone, they cannot move and can only Rest and React.
    The Superstar cannot move or take an Action, other than to Rest.
    The Superstar is tied up somehow. They cannot move, but may take an Action to break their bindings. Difficulty depends on narrative, but generally 50% chance of success.
    Another Superstar is holding this Superstar. They cannot move or take an Action on their turn. But they may break the hold.
    Grappled to Submission
    Grappled rules apply, with the addition of the following. Each turn the Opponent must either, attempt to break the hold or resist submission; this is a contested roll. If the Grappler wins (result is greater than the opponent's) the roll, the Held superstar takes 2 Endurance Damage. If the one Held wins, they resist submission. If the rolls are equal, nothing happens, except the Match loses 5 Hype.
    This Condition acts as 2 Conditions. Superstar who is Knocked-out must make Skill checks each turn to wake up. The skill check uses their Endurance as the modifier, and there is a 50% chance of success. For example, 50% chance when using a d20 is approximately 10+, so if the d20+Endurance roll results in a 10 or higher, they succeed in waking up.

    Actions & Manoeuvres Table

    These are the Actions/Manoeuvres a Superstar can make during their turn
    States if this is an Action or a Reaction Manoeuvres.
    Match Rating
    The minimum required Match Rating (stars) required before this Manoeuvre can be performed.
    Description & Effect
    The rules of the Action/Manoeuvre and their effects.
    Actions Type Match Rating Description & Effect
    Cancel Manoeuvre Reaction 0 Stars Spend 2 Power to attempt to Cancel your Opponent Manoeuvre. Must be declared before any rolls are made. Cancelling an Opponent stops their Manoeuvre from being performed. Lose 5 Hype.
    Basic Manoeuvre Action 0 Stars The most basic of move/attack. Must be resolved with a Skill or Combat check/roll.   Spend 2 Stamina to attempt a Basic Manoeuvre.
    On a success, you gain 1 Power and +1 Hype. The Opponent takes 1 Endurance Damage OR apply 1 Condition (must be declared before rolls).
    Take the Bump Reaction 0 Star The Opponent's manoeuvre succeeds, causing you to take the hit and any damage it devilers. However, you gain half of the amount of Power as the Opponent.
    Rest Action 1 Star Give yourself a few seconds or minutes of rest to catch your breath and restore your Stamina. While Resting you can spend Power to regain Endurance (max 3 per turn).
    Taunt Opponent Action 1 Star Spend 2 points of Stamina to either taunt an Opponent. On a successful check, gain 2 power. Either way, that opponent must target you on their next turn. Taunts override, so if someone else Taunts them they must Target the new Target instead.
    Interact with the Crowd Action 1 Star Spend 2 points of Stamina to interact with the Crowd. On a successful check, the Crowd are buzzed for you. You gain 2 Power and Hype increased by 2.
    Risky Manoeuvre (Low, Mid, High) Action 1,2,3 Stars Choose whether to make a Low, Mid or High-Risk Manoeuvre.   Low
    Costs 2 Stamina
    If Successful:
  • Gain 2 Power
  • Opponent takes 2 Endurance Damage
  • Hype increases by 4
  • If Failed:
  • The one performing the Risky Manoeuvre takes 1 Endurance Damage.
  • Mid
    Costs 3 Stamina
    If Successful:
  • Gain 3 Power
  • Opponent takes 3 Endurance Damage OR takes 2 Endurance Damage and apply 1 Condition (either option must be declared before rolls).
  • Hype increases by 8
  • If Failed, choose one:
  • The one performing the Risky Manoeuvre takes 2 Endurance Damage.
  •   High
    Costs 4 Stamina
    If Successful:
  • Gain 4 Power
  • Opponent takes 4 Endurance Damage OR takes 2 Endurance Damage and apply 2 Conditions (either option must be declared before rolls).
  • Hype increases by 10
  • If Failed:
  • The one performing the Risky Manoeuvre takes 3 Endurance Damage.
  • Counter Manoeuvre Reaction 2 Star Spend 2 Power to attempt to Counter your Opponent's Manoeuvre, with your own. Choose any Action-type Manoeuvre, you must spend any of its cost in addition to the 1 Endurance spent to Counter your Opponent.
    Signature Manoeuvre Action 3 Stars Spend 5 Power and choose the Opponent to apply this manoeuvre to. If successful, apply 5 Endurance damage to the chosen Opponent and apply 1 Condition to the Superstar. The Match also gains +5 Hype if the manoeuvre was successful.
    Finishing Manoeuvre Action 3 Stars Spend 5 Power and choose the Opponent to apply this manoeuvre to. If successful, apply 10 Endurance damage to the chosen Opponent and apply 2 Conditions to the Superstar. The Match gains +10 Hype if the manoeuvre was successful.
    Submission Manoeuvre Action 3 Stars Spend 5 Power and choose the Opponent to apply this manoeuvre to. If successful, the opponent has the condition Grappled to Submissiona applied by you. See Grappled to Submission rules under Conditions.

    Game/Match Creation

    The terms Games & Matches can be used synonymously. However, a Game can be a set of matches, like a best of 3 competition. There are two main things you must consider when creating a Game or a Match; how many Superstars, or teams, are allowed to play in a single Game/Match and the Aim of the Game/Match.  


    Consider if the Superstars are in a team or are competing independently for this game/match. If they are on a Team, do all Superstars play at the same time, or do they take turns in something; or are they "tagged in" by a slap of a hand or a touch?  

    Aim of the Game

    First, consider what kind of Game you wish to play. It is combat oriented? Is it a Race? or something entirely different? Consider the following:  
    Victory Conditions
    How is a Superstar meant to win? By crossing the finish line? By knocking out their opponents? By capturing a flag or other item, and maybe returning it? Or is there a way to gain points or scores and the highest after a time limit, wins?
    What do the Superstars get from winning? A Trophy? Added points to a leaderboard? Or just bragging rights over their Opponent(s)?
    Defeat Conditions
    How can a Superstar lose? Obviously, by not being the winner, but is a Winner determined by others' losing? If so, how do they lose?
    Rules of the Game/Match
    What are the rules of the Game/Match and are there any punishments for breaking those rules? Or does the Superstar get disqualified? Also who calls the shots? A referee? A panel of judges?


    Name Participants Aim of the Game Disqualification Rules
    Brawl 2+ Superstars Every Superstar for themselves. Defeat the opponents in a fight, and the last one standing wins.
  • No weapons or magic.
  • Tag 2+ Teams Every Superstar in a team of two, fighting for themselves. One of each team fights as the others stand on the sidelines, until "tagged in" via a touch. This Tag switches whose the team's "chosen superstar" is. Defeat the opponent's "chosen" star in a fight, and the last team standing wins.
  • No weapons or magic.
  • One Superstar of each team must not interfere with the team and stay on the sidelines.
  • Race
    End to End
    2+ Run across a track or obstacle course. The first one to cross the finish line wins.
  • Superstars must NOT skip any obstacles or cut corners.
  • Superstars must NOT interfere with another Superstar.
  • Race
    2+ Run across a looped track or obstacle course for several Laps. The first one to cross the finish line after completing the target number of laps wins.
  • Superstars must NOT skip any obstacles or cut corners.
  • Superstars must NOT interfere with another Superstar.
  • HARDCORE Racing 2+ Run across a straight or looped track or obstacle course for several Laps. The first one to cross the finish line after completing the target number of laps wins.
  • None; anything goes.

  • Change Log (Show/Hide)

    Change log

    17/04/2023 - Initial Release   21/04/2023 - First Update
  • Added Movement Rules
  • Added Conditions Rules; like being Prone, Stunned, and Grappled to Submission.
  • Edited Manoeuvre Table:
  • Signature and Finishing Manoeuvres' descriptions are complete (they were missing, oops).
  • Resting now recharges Endurance for Power (1 for 1), maximum of 3 per turn (so 3 for 3 per turn).
  • Added ways to apply Conditions/Statuses to Superstars.
  • Taking the Bump only gains the Opponent half the points.
  • Changed Reactions so you can take an action in your next turn.
  • Match Ratings - Superstars gain Power equal to the Rating whenever the Ratings increase



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