SC22 - Pledge Document

The Heffling's Pledge Document for Summer Camp 2022!

SC22 - Plotting Document
Generic article | Jul 12, 2022


Creative Goal

Expand on the Isle of Appley. The map below contains pins of the places that I could write about and/or mention.

Challenge Goal

My Challenge goals are to:
  1. Reach Diamond by answering all 31 prompts with 500 words minimum/average.
  2. To stream every weekday for the IronGorge!
  3. To not burnout #BurnOutGetOut


Why expand on Isle of Appley?

The Isle of Appley is to be the first setting of the Solo RPG things I want to do with the World of the Hefflings and offer to the world.  

Why reach Diamond?

To challenge myself, especially as I will attempting the IronGorge again.


Why IronGorge? And do I really want to do it again?

Yes I want to attempt the IronGorge. It is pretty much tradition that I attempt it.  

IronGorge Plan

Weekdays only! 5-7pm UK Time. On Twitch

Plan for Success

Writing Times

As well as utilising the times during the stream, some time will be put aside for brainstorming for the streams and prompts.  
IronGorge Writing Times
Monday - Friday at 5pm 'til 7pm
Refresh the Heff Times
Saturday & Sunday
  Some writing time will need to be allocated, so that I do not fall behind. Ideally I'd like to be completing at least 1 prompt per day on average.  

Burnout Containment

Saturdays & Sundays are strictly Refresh the Heff days! This means I chill, have fun, and don't stress. In fact, not stressing is the plan for the entire SC22 challenge. The prompts will get done, when they get done.  

The Pins of Ideas

This Summer Camp I am organising my ideas in the form of Pins on the Appley Island map. My goal is to stick within one location of my world, and to brainstorm ahead so I don't stall on ideas.  
Isle of Appley
Map of the Isle of Appley.


This year WA is implementing "official" themes to help tie the prompts together and it is awesome. As I will be focusing on Appley, below are worldbuilding subjects of the Hefflings that may fit in the themes. The subjects won't be exclusive to the theme they're under, so they can be mixed and matched. These are just ideas of what kinds of things I could write about in the given themes.  

Copper Theme

  • The Island
  • The Mountain
  • The Orchards and Farmlands
  • Leadership
    Silver Theme

  • Royalty
  • The Duke of Appley
  • Business Owners:
  • The Steelbanes
  • Maybe other Familial groups
  • Discovery
    Gold Theme

  • Magic
  • Life Crystals
  • The Apple Trees
  • Monstrous
    Diamond Theme

  • Sea monsters?
  • Something under the mountain?
  • The hag on the northern caves
  • Mini-Meta



    How they portrayed the brothers, and how family sticks together no matter what. Also it had some cool scenes. "What's that? A Rolling pin!? I came here for a **** shootout!"
    LOTR & The Hobbitses
    Sense of adventure.


    Nyr by SKALD
    Because its nice, and the feeling of the tune inspires me
    CK3 Soundtrack
    Great to write to. Inspires me for the more politcal topics.
    DOOM Soundtrack
    Great to write to. Inspires me for the more big, epic and evil topics.


    Recovery of the Decade of Darkness

    Nearly 20 years ago, the planeworld of Atharia survived and claimed victory against the conquest of the Dominions of the Night World.

    Emerging Magic

    Technology Influence and the impact it has. Magic is a new & emergent force, which Atharians are discovering more about.

    Secret Life Crystal Trade

    Life Crystals are stone of Essence (Magic). They are rare and highly valued. Under Brostian law, Life Crystals are illegal. Any found will be confiscated and the holder will be imprisoned.   On the Isle of Appley is a Secret Life Crystal mine owned by the Steelbane Family who smuggle the crystals into the city and off the island.


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    22 Jun, 2022 11:37

    #BurnOutGetOut!   Good luck with Summer Camp and the Iron Gorge! I hope to make at least a couple of your streams this year! :D

    Grandmaster nnie
    Annie Stein
    30 Jun, 2022 09:19

    Best of luck with Summercamp and the Streams!

    Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Join me for Camp Chill this Summercamp
    Sage eccbooks
    E. Christopher Clark
    30 Jun, 2022 11:33

    Good luck! This all sounds great.   P.S. For the Iron Gorge, would streaming my normal Mon-Fri Lunchbreak Streams be enough, or would I need to add hours?

    Check out my progress for Summer Camp 2022
    Sage PanAndPaper
    AS Lindsey (Pan)
    4 Jul, 2022 12:02

    Also happy to see people allocating dedicated chill time to avoid burnout. Best of luck; I'll make sure I catch at least a couple of your streams!

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