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Appoleons are the citizens of the Isle of Appley. They value loyalty and respect towards their friends, family and neighbours. However, they are very suspicious of anyone who skulks in dark places too often, given their history with Vampires.
  Deeply entrenched into their culture is their values towards Apples. They believe it was the Apples that saved them from the Vampiric Dominion of that Night World. Others of different ethnicities often share remarks or slurs against Appoleons affilitation with Apples. However many Appoleons pity those who were unfortunate to be unable to be saved by the Apples of life.

Customs & Traditions

Appoleon Love

  • When one bakes an Appoleon Pie as a gift to another, representing the offering to provide comfort and support in a family.


    Apple Harvest

  • The first and last apple harvests are festivals celebrated each year.
  • The first is a joyful event with games and other festive activities
  • The last one is a more sombre one. Where prayer and rememberance to those who fell in the DoD.



    "An Apple a day keeps the Fangs away!"
    — SOURCE_1_1

    Decade of Darkness

  • An Apple a Day & the Apples of Appley & the circumstances that saved Appoleons from the Curse of Vampires: The Thirst
  • Lord Silvan of the Kinship - who ruled over Appley during the DoD
  • Reclamation of Appley - the battle that liberated the people of Appley
  • Related Locations

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