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Isle of Appley

Upon the Brostian Strait is the Island of Appley (aka. Isle of Appley, Appley Isle or Appley Island). This island spans at approximately 17,000mi2. It's most obvious feature is Mont. Rockberg that peaks in the centre of the island. However, the locals (Applians) like to boast their pride on the apples that are native to the island.  


It has Mountain in it's name, therefore it is a mountain!
— One of the common arguments for why Mont. Rockberg is a mountain

Mont. Rockberg

Mont. Rockberg is the first thing a ship's lookout will spot when near Appley Isle. The peak of this mountain is the highest point of the island, however many geographic scholars argue it's validity of being classed as a Mountain. It is often a topic that one may hear in the odd tavern rant. The mountain is estimated to be the smallest mountain in Atharia.   Another topic of tavern talk is what's rumoured to be inside the mountain. Whispers and murmers are spread about there once was an ancient civilisation who live within the mountain. Many would debate is Duun'Kalruuth is possible, then perhaps there was another settlement like it inside Mont. Rockberg.   In many of the caves that tunnel into the rocks of Rockberg are carved walls of ancient artwork. Geologists and historians are still trying to put the pieces together of many stone-works, however much of the academic society believe these engravings are fake.

Apple Trees of Appley

  • Even though there are apple trees across Atharia, the Apples of Appley are special.
  • Appoleons believe it was these apples that saved them from turning into a Vampire's Thrall.
  • "An Apple a Day keeps the fangs away"


    The Discovery of Appley Island

  • Discovered centuries ago.
  • Integral part of the Old Lorlundian Empire.
  • The Decade of Darkness

  • Lorded over by Lord Silvan of the Kinship
  • Was liberated by Lord Vonak Dragonmaul in the Reclamation of Appley

    Map of Appley Island

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    Appoleons are the people of Appley. Deeply entrenched into their culture is their values towards Apples. They believe it was the Apples that saved them from the Vampiric Dominion of that Night World.


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