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This Ancient Dwarvenkind moutainhome is built within Mount Kalruuth and it is home to the Kalruuthians. Many of this culture believe they are the decendants of the fallen Titan, Kalruuth. In the centre of Duun'Kalruuth is the Heart of the Mountain.  


The One met death, but we stand with breath.   Their heart lives on, as we are One.
— Part of the Heart of the Mountain, as carved into the stone walls of Kalruuth's Heart Temple
According to the scriptures and carving in the walls of the Heart Temple, the city was built when Kalruuth passed away, whose essence was locked in his heart which created the Kalruuthian. At least this is the belief of many Kalruuthians, who praise to the Fallen Titan, rather than Taria; Goddess of Creation and her Order.


The mountainhome is famed for its production of finished goods and materials. There is a common idiom across the world of "Kalruuthian Made" meaning the item in question is top quality. Specifically, however, the Kalruuthians metalwork and stonework are most renown, which many claim it beats the Falduhns.


Amongst the many industries within the moutainhome, the music industry is a peculiar one. There are indeed many bard and musicians in Duun'Kalruuth, but Kalruuthians have a peculiar taste in music. In fact, they listen to what they call Metal; a style of music where all instruments are made out of the various metals which the town extracts.

Kalruuthian Bacon

A delicacy to most Kalruuthian, Bacon from their mountainhome is the best bacon in the world. According to them it is the meatiest and crispies, which only the Kalruuthian Cave Pig can produce. In fact, many Kalruuthians who live afar go through many lengths to ensure their local butcher imports this luxurious commodity, or even become a trader themselves to spread the joys of Kalruuthian Bacon.


Being totally within a moutain range, growing crops and keeping grazing livestock is, well, impossible. However, there are foodstuff which the Kalruuthians can grow, such as mushrooms and a few vegetables. There are also some animals who don't require much land or to graze on grass. Cave Pigs, Bearded Turkeys and, well, bugs and beetles are an option too. However, Kalruuthians understand the need for trade; which the town of Emberfall aids them with.
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Kalruuthians are a proud society who live within the Kalruuth Mountains, in the mountainhome of Duun'Kalruuth. In the centre of the mountainhome is Kalruuth's Heart and it is the core of every Kalruuthian.   Read more about Kalruuthians, here.


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