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Emberfall is the settlement which is located at the entrance of an Ancient Dwarven Tunnel, which leads to the Ancient Dwarven city of Maldurh. Many of the Dwarvenkind of Emberfall pride themselves as the architecture of this settlement was inspired by the vertical layout of the Mountain City, Maldurh. This is because in the centre of the town is a cylindrical district which leads to the entrance of the Ancient Dwarven Tunnel below.   Being located at the mouth of the Dwarven Tunnel, the city is a hot spot for trade. Not everybody dares to travel in the dark, windy tunnel, so many merchants and traders sell their goods at the city. So those who are willing to make the long, unsightly journey to Maldurh, they pick up the commodities which are often in demend in the underground city. Likewise, goods from the underground city are delivered to this town for the folks above ground.  

Criminal Hub

This settlement has a notorious reputation of high criminal activity. Something which outsiders warn others of when in conversation about Emberfall. Rumors are also told of Emberfall being the centre of the Circuit, a decentralised criminal organisation. Even though it is possible to visit this town without being a victim of crime, it is more likely to be struck by lightning in a dense forest. Newcomers are often advised to arrive in a group, or be affiliated with one of the known gangs of Emberfall.  

Gangs of Emberfall

"I am no way involved in any of that! I am a law abiding citizen of Emberfall," a young person states in a conversation with another individual. They then lean in close muttering, "meet me down the alley of King Street, on the 3rd bell of night and go alone."
Firstly, there are no colours, emblems or any symbology which is entirely visible to the glancing eye; however if one looks closely, or even search an individual, there are certain elements which show signs of membership to a criminal group in the city.  

The Law

There are indeed militia guards stationed in the town, however Emberfall is also known for having noticably fewer guards as other major cities do. Some may - and, of course, quietly - say this is because the Lord of Emberfall is in the pockets of the gangs he is meant to be ruling. Other debates claim the Lord is profiting from the ilicit deals the criminals are conducting.   There is a great vibe and ethos of 'we look after our own' in the city. Yes, it is pointed out the town is divided into factions, but there is a solidarity between them; especially when any outsiders attempt to takeover the city. There have been numerous occasions of visitors speak ill of the city, only to find themselves with many bruises and stitches soon after. In one such case a travelling merchant was merely complimenting the tavern, A Good Knight Inn, for being "the perfect place to be in this hell hole." The day after, he had disappeared; with a rumor that he was thrown down the Tunnel's Mouth.
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The Tunnel's Mouth

In the centre of Emberfall is a perfectly cylindrical hole. The diameter of the cylinder is 12 miles. The Mouth leads downwards for 3 whole miles, giving the famous amount of 25,000 steps around the cylinder. The steps lead to the stoney base below, which then leads into the mountain towards Maldurh. To travel there are three methods.   The quickest is to take the many elevators which allow citizens travel from floor to floor of this grand Ancient Dwarven structure. The elevators are metal cages, which are lifting by a series of chains, cogs and are pulled along a track. Pretty much like a minecart, but are hauled vertically.   The second is to travel along the edge of the cylinder which the road sprials around. There are two roads which start at either end of each other which ornately spin on top of each other. Ideal for those who are unable to afford the trip by the elevator, or are too frightened by how much the creek along the tracks and cogs.   The third way to travel is to use the many stairs which enables quick access between the floors below; and can be a great source of improving ones fitness. There are so many stairs, that there is yet to be a record for completeing the Mouth-athon. A challenge to run up the Tunnel's Mouth via the stairs. The furthest records barely reaches halfway.


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Really interesting settlement - I love the community spirit that got them through the Decade of Darkness. I also really like the three different methods to travel down the Mouth. I'd probably take the lift. XD

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