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The Dwarvenkind are People of Atharia who predominantly show common characteristics which are considered to be Dwarven. The key distinction of the dwarvenkind are their height, being the smallest kind of the three.  


On average a dwarf is between 4ft and 5ft tall, the shortest of the three kinds. However their average weight is close to the others, due to a dwarf's natural thick muscle build. This constitutes to the great strength a typical dwarf can have.  

Other Kinds

When a dwarvenkind partners with someone of a different kind, some of their natural traits are passed down to their offspring, which can continue to pass down generations after that. This is a reason why it is difficult to implement an absolute determination of a 'true' dwarf; even though there are some who believe in such a puristic view.  

Societies and Cultures

Ancient Dwarves

Scholars have studied and written many books and scrolls on the historical culture of the Ancient Dwarves who are most renowned for their monumental architecture and engineering which utilises the stones of mountains and the underground.  

Pure Dwarfism

Pure Dwarfism is a kind of Purism for the dwarfkind. There are those who detest the notion of people of their own kind mixing with those of another. There are numerous socities across Atharia who hold this puristic view. Many are discrete about this unpopular opinion, however there are also those who are vocal and even violent towards dwarvenkinds who are 'tainted' by other kinds.
60 years
Average Height
Between 4ft and 5ft.


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