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I'm Kalruuthian not Falduhn!
— A Kalruuthian Dwarfkind
  The Kalruuthian are people from the Dwarven Mountainhome of Duun'Kalruuth, which sits beneath Mount Kalruuth within the Highlands of Brostia.   Kalruuthians are renowned across Atharia for the exotic goods they produce and trade with the Queendom of Brostia and the other realms of Atharia. In particular, Kalruuthians boast that their bacon is the best bacon.  

Living in a Mountain

Within Duun'Kalruuth are roughly over 70,000 Kalruuthians with countless across Atharia. They are mostly Dwarvenkind, however many Elfkind and Humankind claim they are Kalruuthians too.  

Effects Underground

A common trait for those who dwell within Mountainhomes is their skin is often pale, but Kalruuthian's skin complexion is paler than most. Many mountainhomes are based along the edge of mountains so their citizens can enjoy time in the sun. However, Duun'Kalruuth is the only mountainhome which is fully submerged within a mountain. Kalruuthians will need to trek through the various Ancient Dwarven Tunnels to bask in the glorious Atharian sunshine.
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Culture & Ideals

What is this!? Falduhn bacon! Bah! Give me the proper stuff! Kalruuthian Bacon!
— The same Kalruuthian Dwarfkind as before

Kalruuthian Products

For centuries, the Kalruuthians boast their pride in the goods they produce within their Mountainhome. Dwarvenkind are often proud of their roots, and heritage; so then a Kalruuthian Dwarfkind is far from home many will hear rejoice and longing of such things like Kalruuthian Shoes which lasts for decades without tearing, Kalruuthian Armoury which can make even the novice warrior fight like a champion, and Kalruuthian Bacon being the best bacon of them all.   Many throughout Atharia respect and enjoy Kalruuthian goods, however, many would claim, much like with many, Dwarven goods it is the Dwarvenkind who enjoy these things,  
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Throughout the year, Kalruuthians tend to wear light clothing, made of thin fabrics like cotton, linen and leather. The temperature within Duun'Kalruuth often feels stale to visitors, as it roughly hovers at between 17°c and 23°c. This will depend on how close one would be to the forges.   Kalruuthians also like to wear clothing with short or even no sleeves, and fittings that are loose from the body. The mountainhome can feel stuffy, even with the aquifer springs helping to freshen the air.
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The mountainhome of Kalruuthians, an ancient Dwarvenkind settlement within the Kalruuth Mountains. It is the only mountainhome which is fully submerged in a mountain.


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