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Heart of the Mountain

When the world was one and Titans ruled,
and when death marched, so dark, so cruel.   One stood and one fought, with axe and sword, the courage they brought.   It slain, it won, but the war was not done.   Power rose, as the story goes.   Disaster hit, the world split.   The One was brave the world they saved   Price was made, The One must fade   The One met death, but we stand with breath.   Their heart lives on, as we are One.
— The Heart of the Mountain Myth, as told in the carved stone walls of Kalruuth's Heart Temple
  This is a tale which Kalruuthians tell of the creation of the Kalruuth Mountains and the glowing red rock deep in the centre that is known as the Heart of Kalruuth. Not only does this myth, or legend as many Kalruuthians would claim it to be, describe how the mountains were formed, but it also describes how the entirty of Atharia and Brostia were formed.  


The tale describes that a long time ago, Atharia and Brostia were part of a larger world where Titans and Giants ruled. A great war was fought which caused the world to shatter into pieces and scattered them across the Cosmic Sea.   Kalruuth, was the Titan King of Brostia at this time and was defending both Atharia and Brostia with his sister, against what the myth calls the Unlighted; beings of pure evil. However, Kalruuth was struck by a deathly blow just as the world shattered. It is then said that where Kalruuth laid to rest, his sister buried him underneath mountains where his Essence shall protect the land and its creatures.  


The accuracy of this myth is a tense debate between the religious of the world. Many Kalruuthians believe this myth to be the gospel truth. In fact the Kalruuthian belief is the official religion of Duun'Kalruuth. Followers of Taria's Order deny this story of the world's creation and label it as a total myth.  

The Heart

Deep within the Kalruuth Mountains and in the mountainhome Duun'Kalruuth there is a red boulder which does glow from time to time. Why this is the case is yet to be discovered; but Kalruuthians claim this is all of the proof they need for this myth to be legend.   The Heart has another myth, that one day; "the saviour ".
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Kalruuthians are a proud society who live within the Kalruuth Mountains, in the mountainhome of Duun'Kalruuth. In the centre of the mountainhome is Kalruuth's Heart and it is the core of every Kalruuthian.   Read more about Kalruuthians, here.


The mountainhome of Kalruuthians, an ancient Dwarvenkind settlement within the Kalruuth Mountains. It is the only mountainhome which is fully submerged in a mountain.


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