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A Quisel is mightier than any sword. With just a few carves, fates of thousands are set in stone for historians to wonder.
Kalruuthian Scholar
  Also known as a Tablet Pen, Stylus or simply a Quil, a Quisel is a chisel that is used to write in stone. These chisels have a sharp narrow point which is needed to be able to carve fine lines into stone. This is the writing tool of all Kalruuthian.   In Kalruuthian society, the chisel is their quill; for they write in stone slabs known as Tablets. Many Kalruuthians claim writing in stone not only immortalises their words, but it makes them better communicators as they must consider their words carefully to make sure what they write fits. They also claim having a good chisel is like having a masterwork sword; clean cuts and neat pierces.  


Writing on stone tablets, as stones are abundant for Kalruuthians it's an affordable material to write on.   They keep the narrow point sharp, by carrying a sharpener, which is basically a handheld whetstone that Kalrruthians grind their quisels against.  



Mallets can be used though not always necessary. This depends on the material of the Tablet used. Too hard and the quisel could blunt too quickly. Too soft and the entire tablet could break. Therefore a balance is required, along with the amount of force applied to the quisel.  


Many different kinds of tips of a variety of shapes were and are made. There are thin tips, broad tips and even curved ones. A popular tip many Stone Writers used was the versatile Combi-Tip quisels. These tips were crafted in a way that depending on the angle of the quisel, different shapes would be carved. This was useful as the same quisel could be used to write many kinds of text. Therefore reducing the need to switch quisels whilst carving.   This inspired an upgrade, as many would view it, to quisels known as Combi-Quisels. This is a larger quisel of two shafts crossed, creating a quisel with two tips. The stone writer could then just switch between tips whilst carving. Eventually, this became the 'go-to' tool for Stone Writers. However, artisans would argue a set of dedicated quisels is the best way for creating finer pieces of work. Though, to the average Kalruuthian, the Combi-Quisel is their writing tool of choice.  

Stone Printing

A new technology found in Duun'Kalruuth where large instruments are built to carve text with a few taps from a mallet. Blocks of quisels, with each tip shaped in the desired text, are aligned and bunched up. Then they are hit with a mallet which then prints carved text on the tablet.   Traditionalists and artisans are wary of this new technology, as they claim this could replace the need for Stone Scriptor and engravers; and reduce the overall quality of Kalruuthian Masonry.
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The mountainhome of Kalruuthians, an ancient Dwarvenkind settlement within the Kalruuth Mountains. It is the only mountainhome which is fully submerged in a mountain.


Kalruuthians are a proud society who live within the Kalruuth Mountains, in the mountainhome of Duun'Kalruuth. In the centre of the mountainhome is Kalruuth's Heart and it is the core of every Kalruuthian.   Read more about Kalruuthians, here.


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