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Nellindill Plasticware

A vital trade resource that supports a settlement or region  
-Dimi & Janet


Life & Expiration

Due to its nature, most plastics are practically invincible. Plastic bags can take ten to twenty years to decompose, while other containers such as disposible waterbottles take about four hundred fifty years. Some plastics can even take up to one thousand years. While products are seemingly long lasting, such longevity with single-use items is detrimental to the environment.

History & Usage


The Nellindill Plastic Company started decades ago with a small, mom and pop style shop that quickly evolved into a booming business.

Manufacturing & Products

Plastic bags, waterbottles, cartons, carryout containers, product packaging, toys, and all kinds of other things are created from plastics manufactured by Nellindill.


With all plastics, there is a risk of suffocation if placed on or in the nose and mouth. If swallowed, such can cause even more internal problems due to the body's inability to break down plastic.   Many animals are also harmed by the plastics when littered articles find their ways into water streams and entangle wildlife.


Trade & Market

Nellindill Plastics Production District is where thee plastics are made and even sometimes sold. They are also shipped out to many different countries of the world and all sorts of companies.   Many entities have made deals with Nellindill to place advertisments on some of the plastic products for media and widespread visibility.
Depending on the type, the price of plastics can range from extremely affordable single-use plastics to more expensive high-quality products that are built to last.
Plastics are very common all over the world. It is one of the most used manufactured resources. Unfortunately, it is also prone to be misused and littered about, causing pollution.
Plastics can be manufactured in all different colors.


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