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Nellindill Plastics Production District

An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement.  
-Dimi & Janet
  Darius L. Nellindill and Brenda S. Nellindill are the owners of Nellindill Plastics. The Australian business was passed down from generation to generation, each of which expanded and improved upon their Production District.   Currently, the large district is home to a several factories, a few warehouses, two office buildings, a logistics sector, large cargo truck garages, and even an airplane hangar. There are also living quarters along the outskirts of the premises for workers and out-of-town guests. The Nellindills work hard to minimize the need for outsourcing. They want everything to be constructed and produced from the same area to minimize costs and maximize growth. Doing such also provides well needed jobs to the community.


Darius and Brenda have a house on the premises designated for them when they feel the need to stay at the district for any amount of time. Workers also have living quarters there in the form of simple apartments. However, most people who stay here also have other homes elsewhere. These apartments are provided as a complimentary perk for those who want or need it in exchange for the hard work and dedication each employee devotes to the company.


Oftentimes, school children visit the factories for field trips. They explore the process of producing Nellindill Plasticware from beginning to end. They also find out about the logistics and exportation. Tourists also visit because of the notability and history of the Nellindill family. They are not the largest company in the world, but the appeal comes from the humble mom and pop origins of the company and the success and uniqueness that was built from the ground up.
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Nellindill District
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