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Ironwood, cut from trees of the same name, is a very useful resource for construction. It is very dense and sturdy, and is only found in large amounts in the Misty Pine Forest, making it a rare and valuable resource.


Material Characteristics

Ironwood trees are coniferous, and when cut, give off a fragrant, pine-like scent. The sap is sticky and useful as a resin, but the wood itself if most valuable. The wood is a soft grey-green color, with the typical dark-light rings present in all trees. When cut into a cross section, the rings reveal a rippled pattern, with some parts of the wood appearing warmer in color, and more green than grey. The bark, which can also be used but is often stripped, is dark grey-brown and smooth.

If the raw wood is left exposed to air for a long time, it ages and shifts in color, approaching a dusty grey-brown color. Sometimes, this effect is desirable and the wood is intentionally left to age to get this color. Other times, the original grey-green color is preferred and the wood can be treated with varnish or other sealants to preserve that color instead.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Ironwood is a very strong wood, almost rivalling some metals in its resiliency. This makes it a very good material for construction, especially in larger buildings and those made with heavier materials. It is also very resistant to weathering and aging, so it is sought after in fields like furniture making and woodcarving. It takes strong, sharp steel tools to cut through ironwood, and a great deal of physical strength, so its harvesting is a more grueling process than the harvesting of other woods.

When burnt, ironwood produces bright green flames and a very strong-smelling smoke. Some folk really enjoy the smell and the color of the flames, and will purchase ironwood logs for the express purpose of burning them in their hearths. Others find it rather off-putting and avoid using it in their own homes.

Geology & Geography

The ironwood tree is found mainly in the Misty Pine Forest, where it grows in large swathes in the southern part of the forest. It stands taller than most of the other trees in the forest, and requires lots of sunlight, iron-rich soil, and plenty of moisture. It grows especially well in the low areas near the coast and surrounding the smaller rivers that run through the forest. Ironwood is not found in most other places across Galactus, although some do grow in the coastal forests of Kethendia.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Ironwood is most commonly used in construction. It is a dense, sturdy wood, which makes it excellent for load-bearing sections of buildings. It is also more flexible than stone and less prone to collapsing after seismic activity, so many folk prefer to build their homes and buildings with ironwood instead of pure stone. However, because of its relatively low abundance, it generally sells for much higher than building stone. As such, it is only really used in the homes of well-off folk or in public buildings, where the city or country can afford to spend more.


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