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Green Clay

The Key to Indestructible Pottery

Those pathetic bowls they sell over in the east crumble apart at the slightest offense. Our wares are as hardy as the hardiest lumberjack and you could toss them down from a cliff and they’d still be intact, albeit perhaps a tad deformed.
— Potter from Loikka
  Green clay is a rare and highly valuable resource that is present only in the waters of the North Sea and most nearby lakes. Pots, bowls, and other works made from the material are sought after for their durability and rarity. Those with the wealth to afford it use the clay as a construction material both for its natural beneficial properties and the prestige that comes with showing off a building made of such a treasured resource.  


The valuable clay has so far only been found under the waters of the North Sea and a few of the lakes that are relatively close to sea. Even there, finding the clay can be difficult and costly affair. From all known deposits of the green clay, none is more well-known and coveted than that of the one near the city of Loikka.   Built next to a lake with a great abundance of the material, Loikka has prospered thanks to its natural resources. The settlement’s potters are renowned for their craftsmanship and people from distant lands travel there just for their crafts. Loikka is the only city in Pekkola where even the shingles of the middle class are built from green clay, giving the whole settlement a luxurious appearance in the eyes of visitors.
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Settlement | Jul 26, 2021

Loikka is an Aeth city in Lointen that is renowned for its pottery and the green clay that can be found in their lake.


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
5 Aug, 2021 11:22

That's an interesting material :D Do they also make armours out of it or would that not be a suitable material for that?

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5 Aug, 2021 13:43

Hmm interesting idea, that might actually work. Thanks for contributing to the world Amélie! I now have to figure out ceramic armour with this clay

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18 Aug, 2021 21:35

I like what Amélie said about ceramic armour! I can just imagine how pretty the colour of green clay would be.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
18 Sep, 2021 19:04

Thank you for entering the Summer Camp Material Prompt! Giving you a sticker in recognition of your excellent entry for interesting and imaginative ideas! I love how you elevated such a common material - clay!

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