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The City of the Green Clay

By the oak, why must all these bowls be so flimsy. This is the second one this week that has fallen apart already. Next time, let’s just head through Loikka. They know their pottery over there and while their goods might be more expensive, at least they’ll last a lot longer than this worthless crap.
— Vilja of Vaheri
  Loikka is an Aeth city in Lointen known for its production of pottery and its abundance of clay. The city and its surrounding lands fall under the control of Lauri and his brother Kalju, both of who are loyal subjects of the Great Principality of the North Sea. The city grew to its size in large thanks to the marvellous green clay that is present in the waters of the nearby lake. With this valuable material, the local potters are able to produce products that far outclass those made from normal clay  


The great city of Loikka might be best known for its clay and pots, but that doesn’t mean its industry is only focused on that. Located near the ancient Punala woods, the townfolk have for centuries relied on the trees there for construction and trade. Often the potters and carpenters of the city collaborate on larger, more intricate works which they then sell to distant lords and rich merchants.   Such collaborative works might be an entire kitchen set with elaborate pottery and all the furniture a wealthy man or woman could ever need. Designed and crafted to impress, the higher echelons of society are often desperate for the prestige that comes from owning such extraordinary items.
Founding Date
59 AU
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Trade Routes

Merchants travelling from Loikka have three main paths they can take if they want to deliver their goods. There is the eastern road which is known for being profitable, but it leads beyond the borders of the principality and therefore carries the risk of more danger.   If they turn west instead, they would head towards the capital, Vaheri, and going north they’d end up on the shores of the north sea. The people of Loikka have a small port there for whenever they need to transport goods overseas.


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Ooo pottery. I love the idea of a city being famous for its pottery.

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