Homeland of the Tathians

Welcome to old Tathland, laddie. We got plenty of exciting places to visit. Now I'd personally recommend the nearby tavern, but for some reason, you foreign type seem attracted to our highlands. Just remember to steer clear of the glowy caves.
— Bobagh the Greeter
  Tathland is the green and mountainous region in Pekkola that is considered the homeland of the Tathian people. Well known for its lush forests and a warmer climate, Tathland is brimming with a diverse variety of life. Unlike the rest of the regions in Pekkola, Tathland lacks a land connection to any of the other northern areas. This has left some to wonder if the location should even be considered a part of the north.  

Climate and Nature

While over across the Pekkolanian sea the forests consist mostly of conifers and life at times may seem sparse, Tathland is blessed with a diverse array of lifeforms and a temperate oceanic climate. The Tathian highlands contain many scenic views of broadleafs that transition into pines as they climb the slopes.  

Cave Systems

Hidden beneath the highlands and the vast forest that covers it lie the caves of Ardogh. Those who have dared to delve into the dark passages have reported stumbling across a grand cave system with massive chambers that were large enough to house a forest of mushrooms.   In recent years it was discovered that the supposed forest of mushrooms was, in fact, a forest of giant, tree-sized, glowing fungi. No one has ventured beyond the bright forest as of yet, but countless tales surrounding the matter have emerged.

Fertile Fields

The lowlands are known for its fertile soil and the bountiful harvests that come from there. Many have on occasion referred to the land as the breadbasket of Pekkola as often the other regions rely on Tathian grain at times of famine.   Some say that the soil of the region was what had gained the Rahyamin Empire's attention. Desperation for more food could have been the catalyst for the invasion of Tathland and an explanation as to why the Rahya sought to develop the land.
c. 335,000
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North or South?

Tathland is considered a strange and alien land to many in Pekkola. The region lacks a land connection to the other parts of the northern lands, and therefore there are some who view them with distrust.   Since the region is connected with the south, some in Pekkola refer to Tathland as a southern land. Even the local Tathians themselves are divided on the issue. Incidents, where whole families have broken apart following an argument whether they are northerners or southerners, have happened on occasion.   Not even the actual southerners have figured out where Tathland belongs.
Ethnicity | Dec 1, 2020

The Tathians are a short and intelligent people who live in the green and mountainous region of Tathland


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Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
20 Jul, 2020 14:22

Haha, in Britain the north/south argument is very strong, so I can relate to the confusion over the identity of Tathland.   Also... glowy mushroom forest excites me. :D

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