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A Mining Town in the Mountain Pass

Not much goes around over here. People mine over there to the north, and they dine here in this tavern. Strangers come and go all the time, but we'd never leave. Elska's got a place in our hearts.
— Nils
  Elska is a mining town in the mountain passages between Rothnia and Henvikendal. It is known for its fine beverages, gold mines, and the renowned cosy tavern that the settlement was constructed around. The town is primarily inhabited by the Henvikish speaking Vakner, and it falls within the borders of the Bjagríki Union.  


The town is famous for the Heart's Home tavern due to the legend surrounding it and its role in the creation of the settlement. Long before the miners had come for the gold, the tavern stood there beside the road.  

Heart's Home

The first building in Elska was the Heart's Home tavern. It was constructed by two lovers who wished to build a life for themselves on the spot the two of them had met.   Since the location was on a well-travelled road, the two figured that a tavern would suit the place and would allow them to make a profit. After a few years, a new community had begun to grow around the building.

Jáksen Mining Company

Elska grew from a place with just one lonesome tavern to a thriving town largely thanks to the Jáksen Mining Company, an enterprise led by a family in Gildrhofn.   The company established an outpost next to the tavern, bringing new customers and allowing a community to develop around there. Eventually, the rich deposits of Elska became well-known and more flocked to enjoy life there.
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250 AU
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Ethnicity | Dec 30, 2021

The Vakner are a sturdy people who have mastered shipbuilding and seafaring. They live in the cold heights of Henvikendal and Rothnia


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Awww I love how the tavern was founded. What a beautiful story.   It helps there were gold mines nearby too. :D   I like the quote at the beginning. It gives off a really cosy feel to the town.

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