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Heartland of the Pijari

We adapt and overcome. While those distant brothers of ours that ride the great vast grass fields boast of their ways and martial might, we here in Vaijia have power over them all. Their warriors rely on the iron that passes through our lands, their people demand the goods of our artisans, and our food keeps many of their bellies filled. If they dare to act against us, Vaijia, and everything beyond it, will become inaccessible to them all.
— Lady Sárkka of Várámpi
  Vaijia is the fertile and heavily forested heart of Pijari civilisation. The region was the only part of the far reaches of Pekkola, beyond the western Qalewahian Mountains, to fall under the control of the Rahyamin Empire. Under foreign rule, the formerly nomadic natives of the land were forced to accept a sedentary life, giving rise to new cities, the greatest of which is Várájohka.   Because of its geographic position, the region is heavily contested by various warlords that have struggled against one another for control of the trade and the land’s rich resources. One of Vaijia’s most renowned hallmarks is their large population of war-elk that inhabit their dense woods, an animal key to Pijari lancers.  


That forest there is perhaps one of Vaijia's greatest treasures. It provides them with shelter, gives them lumber and meat, but most importantly, in those deep woods live the great elks that ride with their best warriors in battle.
by Y S
  The region has a humid continental climate with warm summers and much of it lies on the northeastern edge of the Great Vuonampi Plain. Much of Vaijia is covered by the lush Bavuovdi forest, the home of the magnificent and powerful war-elk.   Another significant geographic location in the region is lake Bálgá and the Beaivvi river that flows out of it and serves as an important route for merchants. The Ruovddijohka river that feeds into the Beaivvi is also a valuable barrier against Aeth raiders who occasionally threaten the people of northern Vaijia.   South of the Ruovddijohka lie the Veaikiborri highlands, an area rich in copper and gold. Most of the resources gathered there are moved to major towns via the rivers.    

Political Landscape

We've lost access to the flow of goods. Without full access to the Beaivvi, our economy will crumble within weeks. Our only option is to submit to the Várámpian demands.
— Speaker Ále of the Southern Assembly
  Since the fall of the Rahyamin Empire in 281 AU, the Vaijia region has been heavily contested between local lords who had declared their independence from the dying empire, bloody warlords looking to exploit the situation, and various assemblies of sedentary Pijari communities. In recent years, the Lordship of Várámpi, a former vassal of the old invaders, has emerged as the most influential realm in the region, largely due to their immense economic power.   The Confederate Assemblies of Railóhakka have threatened the lordship’s hegemony over Vaijia a few times, but their lack of unity, shortage of supplies, and issues of internal stability have rendered them incapable of waging an all-out war on their rivals.
c. 155,000
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The Pijari are a semi-nomadic people renowned for their mastery of horseback riding, archery, and mounted combat. They are native to Ougadiai, Vaijia, and Vuonampi

Pijari Lancers
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Pijari lancers are heavily armoured cavalry units who specialize in breaking their enemy's morale with a deadly charge


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