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Home of the Unending Gaps

Be careful when you roam the land. Stay on the established roads. The ground here is twisted, formed from thousands of sharp stones that cover the landscape. One bad step and you might end up falling on rocks that could slash you up and leave you bleeding and begging for mercy.
— Aqel the Wayfarer
  Bratayya, the land of the bottomless pits, is a cruel and unforgiving region in Pekkola, located between the Qalewahian Mountains. Much of the land's surface is covered by loose stones that are sharp enough to cut through cloth and flesh if anyone is unfortunate enough to take the wrong step. To add to its inhospitable nature, Bratayya is also incredibly dry, seldom seeing any rain or snow. Despite its harsh conditions, the region is a refuge for the Remnant who lack a proper home of their own in Pekkola.  


The people of Bratayya have had to endure the freezing temperatures that plague the land almost all-year round, the rough and lethal terrain, and the lack of arable land. Thousands perished when the Remnant were first forced into the Qalewahians after the downfall of their Rahyamin Empire due to a lack of supplies and food. By now the situation has improved somewhat, but starvation and hypothermia are still common.   Trade with the Pijari in Vaijia has helped improve conditions in Bratayya, but desperation leads many to raid the road that connects the Remnant to the Pijari and establishing new roads through the sharp and rocky landscape would be a harrowing task.  

Iron Trade

  While Bratayya might be completely unsuitable for agriculture, the land is not without its own valuable resources. That which does not grow there can be taken from those beyond the mountains with iron, either by using or trading it.   Usually the Remant maintain fairly cordial relations with many of the Pijari realms and trade between them is common. The Vakner, on the other hand, are often a thorn in their side as raids between them are common.

Gaps of Morai

One of the most impressive sights to behold in the region would be the massive Gaps of Morai, two great seemingly bottomless tears in the earth. The walls of these great cracks are rich in iron and other vital materials.   Currently, the Gaps of Morai fall within the borders of the March of Ahelaldi, a country that has benefited greatly from its riches despite the risks involved in the mining process that the workers face.

Political Landscape

These petty states that surround us might claim to fight for a valid cause or for the empire, but they are deeply misguided. Our poor brethren have been led astray by false prophets and pretenders. We are what remains of the empire. For us to remain true to ourselves, we must remain true to the House of Rahyamin and have hope that there are still some with their blood left in the world for us to follow.
— Bilafir Olgab, Vaja of Ahelaldi, 299 AU
  After the fall of the Rahyamin Empire and the disappearance of the last legitimate heirs during the civil war, Ahelaldi, a march still loyal to the fallen empire, emerged as the dominant power in the region.   Their control over the Gaps of Morai and the town of Shla ai-Doai gave them the advantages they needed to survive the chaos that ensued when the natives of Pekkola drove the Remnant from their lands, forcing them into Bratayya and the Sunless Paths. Ahelaldi gave refuge to many of the fleeing loyalists, allowing them to bolster their ranks with fresh manpower.
flag of Ahelaldi
Flag of Ahelaldi by Mihkel Rand
c. 7,500
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Related Ethnicities
Ethnicity | Dec 17, 2021

The Remnant are people who remained loyal to the ideals of the old Rahyamin Empire and stayed in Pekkola after its downfall

Order of Restorationists
Organization | Dec 9, 2020

The Order of Restorationists is a secretive organisation feared by many of the paranoid residents of Pekkola


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I definitely would not like to live in Bratayya. Sounds like a harsh life. I like how you have integrated the cracks into the culture here.

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My first instincts say 'wooden clogs with iron-spiked soles' to walk over that treacherous terrain with less injury-risks.

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Interesting insight into the region does not sound like a nice place to live.

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