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The Fields of Slaughter

The dirt beneath our feet and the hooves of our steeds has been soaked in the blood of our forfathers and their bloodthirsty foes for since the dawn of time. Perhaps a day will come when the sun shall shine upon unstained blades of grass, unburdened by the bodies of our dead, but until then, we must do our part in this endless war.
— Gáhppá, Grandmaster of the Tábjokk Order
  Vuonampi is a coastal region in Pekkola where the civilisation of the Pijari horselords meets the ambitious and resilient Aeth. For centuries, the land has been a battlefield between their two cultures, forcing many of its inhabitants to flee or perish in the fighting. Those who have remained to fight on out of a love of their homes have had to adapt, becoming far more defiant in face of hardships.   The region is also home to the Bog-walkers of Guolleana, a group of Pijari that have rejected both their old nomadic traditions and the comforts of modern civilisation in favour of a life closer to their environment as hunter-gatherers.  



The Bowl

  Most of Vuonampi is relatively flat and windy, but the land is not without a few elevated features. Near the town of Vuonna is the Beaivvi Bowl, a crescent-shaped hill formation on the eastern banks of the Beaivvi river.   Those hills serve as a barrier against Aeth raids and invasions. The Vuonna Assembly has constructed a series of outposts with tall watchtowers on the hilltops, allowing them to spot approaching forces from a greater distance. Messengers are sent out as soon as armed forces are spotted.
Soon we’ll ride into the Guanjja heights and drive the Aeths from those cliffs. Once that area has been cleared of vermin, Lointen will fall.
— Lady Sárkka of Várámpi

Bog of Guolleana

The Beaivvi river that runs from the mountains in Vaijia to the Senisic Sea goes through the Guolleana Bogland. This dank area is home to the fearsome bogwalkers, hunter-gatherers that periodically delve beyond their wetlands to plunder villages and trade caravans.   Most travellers can evade their patrols on land, but river barges are at great risk. Some of the bogwalkers demand a hefty fee from the sailors, others choose to slaughter everyone, seizing their goods and supplies.

Political Landscape

  Vuonampi has always been dominated by large and powerful nomadic nations. Every few decades the dominant horde in the region crumbles, usually due to a succession crisis or other internal troubles. From these ashes, a new warlord will rise and assert their dominance over all others. The last of such realms to crumble was the Bronze Horde, but in a way, they’ve been able to defy expectations and cling on to a fair amount of land.    

The Confederation

  With the fall of the Bronze Horde came the slow rise of the Confederation of the Vuonampian States. Instead of gobbling up land in a quick series of wars against small breakaway states, the confederation rose to power through more diplomatic methods.   Many of the new warlords were weary of the old cycle of conquest and they united under the dream of establishing a stable country which could survive for centuries rather than mere decades. This new realm is far less centralised than the ones that had come before it and its methods of territorial expansion have been more slow and careful.
c. 60,000
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