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The Town That Smells of Smoked Fish and Sweat

We’ve been travelling for days and our legs are weary, but finally the road has led us to Pävala. A week of sauna, bathing in the lake, and feasting on the piers awaits, lads!
— Villu of Mägela
  Pävala is an Aeth settlement in the heart of Aethelland. The town falls within the borders of the Tagandi Hegemony and is under the control of a man called Ülle. It has for centuries had a well-deserved reputation as a place where the weary go to relax and where the the hungry and thirsty have their needs satisfied.  

Pleasurable Paradise

Built on the shores of lake Vabajärv, Pävala has since its humble beginnings grown into a prosperous resort town. The locals have utilised the lake to their advantage and built their settlement into a place that is known far and wide as a paradise for the weary. Some of the inhabitants of the town would consider the loud and obnoxious visitors the greatest con of Pävala, but even they realise that without them, the town would be but a small fishing village.  

Floating Saunas

Saunas are a common sight in Aeth controlled lands and they’re a core aspect of their culture. The fine folk of Pävala have combined that love with their affinity for the lake. Scattered across the waters, not too far from the piers, are dozens of floating platforms with cosy saunas built atop.   Both the locals and visitors from afar enjoy either swimming or rowing to the platforms and then enjoying its warmth. After spending good time there, they can cool themselves down by jumping off the platform.

Communal Eating

When they aren’t sweating and socialising in a sauna or swimming in the lake, people organise great outdoor gatherings where they cook and feast on whatever they’ve got. Because of the surrounding nature, often these meals contain vast amounts of fish.   The smoked fish that the townsfolk sell to travellers and revellers is highly sought after, but plenty of appetising pork, beef, venison, berries, and veggies are also provided during these communal eating events.
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169 AU
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