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House Cat

Fearsome Defenders of the Household

It's impressive how such a small and adorable creature can hunt with brutal efficiency. Their lightning-fast strikes are deadly to the mice who crawl in the shadows and plunder our grain supplies.
— Georlagh the Elder
  The ever-demanding house cat is a small carnivorous mammal that lives in human habitats. They live in luxury and safety, kept protected by the walls that surround them which are provided to them by their human companions. In return, cats offer the humans their excellent hunting skills which are primarily for hunting down mice.  

Habitat and Food

House cats prefer the safety of human houses, but often they also delve beyond the protection of its walls. Outdoors, in gardens, fields, and the villages of their human partners, they hunt for small rodents, birds and eggs. In their prefered habitat they are entirely free of outside threats as larger hostile predators fear to go anywhere near them. When a house cat is feeling slothful, they may demand tribute from the humans in the form of food.  
  When a house cat's human partner has passed away, and no other humans are available to take over the house, the cat may inhabit the building for a while. Eventually, they will move on after realizing that they are hungry and that there's no one to demand food from noisily.   In some cases, the cat may even feast on their former companion before searching for a new home. Cats will look for a human they like best, and they will claim a spot in their house with or without the human's permission. Their decision to pick a new home is often based on the perceived wealth of the household which people assume they determine by how a home smells.
14 years
Average Height
23 - 25 cm
Average Weight
3.6 - 4.5 kg
Average Length
46 cm

Cover image: by Marko Blažević


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