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Silfys (Sil-fís)

Silfys, one of the more controversial products roaming the Nuoj Desert. Silfys is simply refined Waw Crystal ground up into a thin, light, sparkling powder.

Where it comes from

Silfys is made exclusively in Silfwe, a small village squashed between the Waw Forest and the coastline, teetering along the edge.   So far, Silfwe is the only place that has managed to find a way to harvest and produce silfys without everyone becoming a Hollows or having Hollows symptoms.  

How its Made

While the finer details of the process are usually kept a secret, I managed to get a closer look at how Silfys is made.   First, an old Waw Tree is found along the border of the forest, one that has several cracks in it and is clearly in distress. Several branches are then broken off by the workers, those that look the most damaged or tethered while the rest of the tree is used to make Waw Crystal products.   These broken branches are taken into the town center and pounded on with a hammer until crushed. At this point, music is playing loudly to stop the song from messing with people's brains, either by the community with their instruments or by a cacophony of voices. The point is to be so loud that anything that might cause the Hollows is drowned out.  

What it is used for

Silfys has many uses, though all of them pull back into some sort of narcotic or hallucinogen.  

Medical uses

Silfys is often used as a pain killer or tranquilizer of some sort. When put into a gaseous form, Silfys can be used to help surgery patients forget they are in surgery for a while, and can reduce the pain of recovery in small doses.   Its hallucinogenic qualities can be used in therapy to help remember and identify trauma. It creates a more tangible memory to work through.  

Recreational uses

While Silfys can be used medicinally, most people know it for its recreational uses. Silfys is the most common "party drug" among the krekkonian upper class. It can be found at every party, in every back alley, in the pockets of every noble.   Due to its unique properties, It has made itself a household drug, much like tobacco, or marijuana in certain places, used all the time to take the edge off despite the potential dangers of overdosing.
30 gp per ounce
common in the west, very rare in the east and north

common forms

The most common form silfys can take is powder. This is the most noticeably potent form, especially when snorted up the nose. This is the kind that is sold on the streets and in some shadier shops. Most distribution is from the seller to customer in little packets.   When the powder is infused with liquid, it takes on different characteristics. Many report that it is more of a tranquilizer when in liquid form in comparison to the more hallucinogenic effects of the powder.  

Secrets of Cooking

What most people don't know is that Silfys is actually one of the main ingredients in Crysline squares, in fact, it is the sweetening agent that gives it such a unique and addictive flavor. Some people think cooking the silfys makes it safe to consume, while others think the does is small enough it doesn't actually matter. Either way, the people of Silfwe have decided to keep that ingredient secret.


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