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Silfys, the best drug west of the Nott Ridge, able to transport you far away from a horrible reality, fill you with pleasure, and make everything go numb, at least for a little while. It was only a couple years before scientists and doctors started noticing the effect this drug was having on repeated users, the lack of reasonable thought, questionable judgment, frequent hallucinations, mindless, hypnotic singing. They found that the symptoms only got worse the longer they took the drug and removing it did nothing to help. Eventually, those too far gone shift into something different, unearthly: Hollows. They were given their name for their eyes, blank and glittering, almost as if there is nothing left behind them.

Transmission & Vectors

Hollows seems to be caused by repeated intake of concentrated doses of Silfys, a drug commonly found in the Nuoj Desert and surrounding areas.


At first, there is an elongated elated feeling, possibly some pleasant hallucinations like wonky colors or a soft song going on in the back of your mind. At this stage, it is not too late to stop. Continual use causes these alterations to grow stronger. A thought may get more difficult as time goes on, and you begin to rely on instinct and desire. Self-control goes out of the window. With this comes a heightened artistic ability as hollows seem able to tap into some higher force and portray it. At the final stage, a hollows eyes are bleached out, iridescent and blank. they sing a mindless, hypnotic song and wander aimlessly. Verbal communication is beyond them at this point. Many might get up and leave, heading off into the desert never to be seen again. Always the desert though, no matter where they come from, they always eventually walk out into the desert and never return.


currently there is no treatment for the last two stages, but for the first, there is something they can do to help. the first step would be to stop taking the drug. after that you need to avoid Waw Crystal as it seems to speed up the process. by following these two things the symptoms should dissipate quickly.
Chemical Compound
Chronic, Acquired


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