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The Krekkonian culture is particularly distinct, boiling down to the fact that they are easy going, subtally proud, individual people. You don’t go to a Krekkonian for any strong opinions, you go to them for a story, for music, for entertainment, for a shoulder to cry on. But be careful what you say, for words and names still hold much power.  


A name, like many other things, is used to identify the person or item using it. however, in a culture of change and beauty, names can change as fast as an outfit. Krekkonians typically have multipul names. Some are those they return too every now that then, others are used for a while and discarded. Typically, out of ease, Krekkonians will hold onto at least one name that stays, making identification manageable for outsiders.   While there aren't culturally agreed male and female names, there are some that are chosen to be more masculine or feminine depending on presentation.

Masculine Names


Feminine Names


Names Somewhere in the Middle

Family Names

family names are the one name that doesn't change on a whim. a Krekkonian Family name ties krekonians back to their history, connected them to a reputation. this reputation is highly important to krekkonian soiciety, as most of their upper tiers are comprised almost solely of old families and those who set down the original roots of the city.

Culture and Customs


Much of Krekkonian Culture is built on behavior, first impressions, and subtatlies. in this, knowing how to interact with the poeple around you is very important if you wish to stay on the communities good side.


Krekkonians will present a good face to anyone nearby, much like the fae would. they are all smiles and sharp teeth, never betraying the depth of their true feelings. In moments like these, Idle pleasentries are very common, discussions over fashion trends and the latest musical peice to be produced. Krekkonians are quite fond of power plays as well, attemting to trick people into tipping their hand and sharing too much of their own oppioions in order to use it against them later. if you know the person, this could be a fun game, but among strangers it is better to assume the worst in the face of a Krekkonian. while the chance of them actually doing something is low, if they do, the resutls could be catastrophic.


once a relationship has been made, the doors begin opening up just slightly. even then, however, how much depends solely on the person and their relationship. secrets may start to get shared, and idle plesentries are hardly necessary any more. at this point, its probably ok to let your guard down just slightly, trusting in the other person. there are still power plays and snapping of the perverbial teeth, but now they are done with the understanding of the persons involved.   Unfotruneately, Krekkonians don't have a strong sense of loyalty, just pleasure, fun, and appearances.

Upper Class

When it comes to the upper class, all bets are off. The Upper Class live in a world of trickery, appearances, and cutthroat emotions. at any moment, you could be pulled into their inner circle or discarded as public eye and personal fancy shift on a whim.   The Upper class are used to being used and using others. true emotions aren't usually involved, leaving everyone in a state of forced and often perfered isolation. In a society like this, true connection is difficult.

True Friends

While incredibly rare, finding true friendship or connection in this culture is possible. while from the outside they could appear distant, the true mark of prolonged connection is how much time they spend in proximity to eachtoher without vying for attention, praise, or some other gain.   Even in the company of true friends, communication can be difficult. it's hard to unlearn everything about hiding, presentation, and trickery to be truely emotionally vulnerable with anyone, but their are Krekkonian versions of it. Showing up at their residences in less than flamboyant clothing shows trust, or quietly spending time without trying to fill the silence is a well known communication of ease and trust in the other person.


In most cases, family is simply a veicle for monitary or reputationary gain. With how loose relationships are and the pentiant for appearances taking precidents, kids and parents often have a strained realtionship. Reputation them matters above all, be it their family reputation when it's needed for offical buisness or personal with their peers in unoficial capacities.
Roles and Expectations
The Parental figures in a Krekkonian childs life are usually the two who birthed the kid, their parents, and their various partners. Those who can afford it will hire a nanny of sorts until the kid is old enough to take care of themselves. indipendance is consequently learned early.


Main Meals

A traditional stew made from the intestins of sandworms, sea water, and locally grown vegitables and spices. It's surprisingly thick, with tender chunks of meat and soft carrots. It's eaten with home made flat breads and served in a wide, flat bowl.
Kemaw is a specific way of cooking meat, usually lamb or calf. the meat is seasoned and stored in thick pottery vats of spices and seasonings for 24 hours. after marinating, the meat is then moved to a low, simmering pool of wine. there is cooks until tender and served on Beangvo.

Snack Dishes

A flat bread, similar to a torilla or peta, but thinner and full of air pockets. it's cooked on a metal sheet in oil and animal fat and seasoned with salt and other minerals. It can be eated durring meals or saved as a snack between meals.
Toach Berries
Small blue berries with a vaguely sweet and bitter taste. They are usually kept around the house as an easy snack, especially for children.


Crysnaline Squares
Crysnaline squares are a Krekkonian delicasy originating from their southern coast. It first came out of Silfwe but was taken by the magor cities and advanced into a beautiful desert craved by the upper class for it's beauty, sophistication, and wonderful taste.   Typically, the deret is made with 4 different flavor profiles, lemon, Harley Rose, Aloe, and Toach Berries, all rolled out and placed in layers in a large platter. Gold flaking is then used as a barriar between the gelaton layers and as an internal cooling mechanism. Once cut into squares, the desert is powedered twice in sifted sugar and group Waw crystal to give it extra shine. due to the gelaton, this desert is served cold, making it a staple of status.

Languages and Dialects

The National language is, of course, Krekkonian. But even in that there are multipule regional dialects, as well as foreign languages that have influenced Krekkon. There is a large population of Tublian speakers, as well as fae and Rashan. Despite it's proximity, Calgerian hasn't been as popular.   Most people speak at least 3 languages. Krekkonian and Common being used for offical and international buisness while their home language might be a regional dialect.


will go into more detail here.


Du to the seclusion of each city, differing accents is quite common. For well traveled Krekkonians, it is possible to identify someones city of origin.



Cultural heritage.



Krekkonians judge heavily on looks, meaning if you don't meet their standards they are likely to disreguare you and your ppionins. because of this, being considered ugly, boring, or simplistic is one of the worst things in Krekkonian culture, possibly even more than being a murderer. at least if you are a murderer you can be fabulous about it.


talking too much about buisness, responsibility, and other more serious things is the surest way to turn a Krekkonian uninterested in everything else you have to say. they hate, above all else, being bored. entertainment is the way to go, not responsibility and potential jobs.



In True Krekkonian fashion, almost everything comes with a party of some kind.


Births are a big deal for the entire community, not just the family. Once the baby is born, the whole neighborhood gathers for a week straight of partying--tamer than coming of age parties, but a party all the same. The parents are given 3 days of time with their child as the rest of the community takes care of all their needs, clean their house, and give all sorts of gifts. then, the new child is passed off to the parents families and the ocuple is taken out for a celebratory couple of evenings where whatever they say goes. these can be tame, these can be wild, but in either case they are overtly extravagant. At the end of the week, as the festivities are dying down, all the advice, gifts, and other things are catagories for easy access to the new couple.   For the next years, as long as the child is still in the house, their birthdays are community events that last 3 days. One day for the father, one day for the mother, one day for the child to celebrate their lives.

Coming of age

While the age of maturity is usually determined by species, the celbration involved is a cutlural things. Just like a childs birth, the festivities that follow a childs day of Ageing last a whole week. the initial idea and planning is covered by the family, as are the costs of the whole celbration, but by the 2nd or 3rd day the community often takes it their own way.   unlike with a birth, alcohol is one of the main comodeties at a coming of age party. Alcohole, food, and expensive gifts.


Mariages are, for the most part, a cerimonial event only. Families joining lnes, dream couples, money purposes. They carry no real weight in an emotional sense. still, they are commeserated with a ceremony.   The pair exchange a series of vows with either an adebur or a priest from their prefered religious denomination present. Then, once the official part is over, they go have another party similar to a coming of age party.


smaller affair. split into two parts. the first part is when the family and friends of the deseased take their body out for last rights on the city edge. usually, their speicies or religious belifs will have some effect on how this process is done, but after the final rights are given, the body is laid out on the sands and covered.   when they return to the city, the communities gathers to reminice about the life of the deseased loved one, sharing memories they all cherish so as not to forget them.

Common Behaviors



In a world where magic is litterally at everyone's fingertips and illusions are as common as the sand that sticks to their clothes, a concept of regimented gender roles makes very little sense, especially when coupled with Faries and their multipul sexes and Tabaxi and Teiflings with their fluid family dynamics. Instead, sex and Gender are very different and it matters very little in regard to appearances and roles in society.

Arts, Architecture, and Style

On the whole, Krekkonians seem to have a very distinctive style that revolves around glitter, bright colors, and crystal.

The Arts

Krekkon happens ot be a very artistically based country, but it specialized in 3 distincts artforms: String Music, Mosaics, and their Fashion industry.

Stringed Instruments

Their music has such an identifiable sound to it. All their music has a lilting quailty to it, like a mournful singer humming a lullaby to a child.   Orchestral peices are performed mainly with harps, volins, Kohed’egyos, and fluets made by the Ryum Chyimon.


As a visual art, Krekkonians are best known for their mosaics and sand pieces. The messy yet beautiful look of either glass, stone, or gems fit together to create a picture is iconic for their spires. Krekkonian cities are often covered in mosaics that depict myths and legends from theirk past.   In addition to this, the dust an dsand tht comes from smothing and cutting these pieces is collected and turned into its own art by layering the colors overtop of eachother in a small, thin, glass case to make a picture, much like a painting.

The Fashion Industry

Krekkonian Fashion is in a legue of its own when it comes to strictly artistic pieces of clothing. More on this


On average, Krekkonian architecture takes influence from the Tublians and the Covemer near the shore. their cities are set up in circular, spire shapes with a road leadng from the 4 main gates on the side to the very top where the Adeb'ur meet and make their decisions.


Singular buildings and houses, however, are created in a square fashion with flat roofs. These rooves usually have guardens or sitting areas on top to convene with their neighbors and loung after the sun has disappeared. On the inside, the floor plans are open and flowing, separated by layers of shimmering curtains and sandstone. They typically also have multipul floors at varying intervals for peak drama.

Beauty and Presentation

Krekon, like much of the west, focuses a great deal on outer beauty and appearances. Appearances mean everything in a world of magic and illusion. I mean, if you could look however you want, then why not be extravagant?


typically, If someone where trying to present in a more masculine fashion they would lean towards flowy outer robes and tight waistbands that accentuates their slim muscle. Men typically show more skin on their torso than woman do, complete with fshonable vests and crop tops suited to their individual color pallet.
while there isn't a set color family for men to use rather than women, they do lean more towards the shimmery colors rather than glittery.
Make up
Masculine make up accentuates the jaw and nose more than lips and under eye. they use sharp, dramatic lines that convey strength and support, following a longer bone-structure than they possibly have. in no way does Masculine make up pale in comparision to feminine. in fact, masculine might outdo the feminine.


Feminine clothing is softer and more flowy than masculine. Longer robes that cinch at the anke with strategic slits down the side are quite common, as well as tightly fitted crop tops and wraps to accentuate the sholders, chest and lower back. wrapping are very common, as well as sashes just for the sake of ahving sashes.
Feminine clothing leans towards either the brightest of jewel tomnes to the palest of pastels. no outfit is complete without glitter and jewelry enough to weigh down a cargo ship, all chinking with each movement.
Make up
feminine make up is extravagant and bold, covered in glitter, gems, and flowing lines to mold the face into whatever shape they desire. Golds are quite common, as are shimmering pinks and silvers coupled with blue and green glitters to provide contrast.

Common styles

Almost all Krekkonian Clothings is made up of one of three things: flowing bottoms and tight, fitted tops, Thin overshirts of a chefan, possibly glittering, and long, airy robes covered in bling. these are common for every gender and race in Krekkon, easily adjustable to different body types and appendages.

Intercultural Relations



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