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  The Falls are perhaps one of the most important resources in the world. Not only do they aid the born casters, they allow also the creation of new casters. But its magic can also cause some dangers. And nothing is more dangerous than badly used Chaos Crystals.
— High Sage Syronikir
  When the Gods left the planet, a cataclysmic event called Magicfall, changed the world forever. It created the Falls, magical infused crystals, which gave magic to the people of Niorath.  



First Casters

  Right after the cataclysmic event known as Magicfall, the world of Niorath was changed forever. Not only did this cause many gods to leave the planet but almost all of the civilizations that existed before ended abruptly. Very little is known about what happened during the first years after the event but it is believed that magic first appeared among random individuals.   Some species seemed to be more prone to get the gift of magic than others. These differences are still there in the present given that only the Elves seem to have numerous magical bloodlines. Other species are less prone to be born magic users.
Magicfall by Total War Warhammer II

Advancing Magic

  But casters were not the only thing that came into existence after Magicfall. Across the world colorful crystals could be found which the people started calling Falls. Most of them could be found near the region from which Magicfall originated but many could be found in other areas of the world as well. This gave rise to the idea that many of them were blasted away long distances during Magicfall.   At some point one of the first casters discovered that different colors of Falls could actually enhance certain types of magic. From then on it became pretty common to use Falls in all kinds of foci. Using the Falls and their foci also gave rise to more advanced forms of magic.  

New Casters

  Most likely it took some time before the other uses of the Falls were discovered. After all it is possible that casters wanted to maintain their positions of power.   At some point, however, it must have been discovered that by performing certain rituals one could actually absorb a Fall into their body. Once this process was complete they themselves would be able to cast magic of that type.   This marked the start of a whole new kind of casters and enabled less magical inclined species to join the casting ranks. Becoming a full caster still required a good amount of Falls which for many was a resource that was hard to get. Most new casters were therefore from richer families. Still those who were lucky to get their hands on one type of Fall became specialised casters, like pyromancers.


  There are many types of Falls, with each having a different color and uses. A caster who does not have a born casting ability needs to have consumed a large enough Fall of the kind that the caster wants to use.  

Cloud Crystal

by Rexard

Cloud Crystals are known for their elemental air magic. The magic they provide can range from controlling air flows to create lightning or thunder. Advanced casters are even able to use it for flying.   They have a cyan color.

Divine Crystal

by Rexard

Divine Crystals grant powers which are mainly used for healing. Some abilities, however, are more offensive and rely heavily on light based effects. Advanced casters of this type can use this magic to resurrect.   They have a golden color.

Ember Crystal

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Ember Crystals are known for their elemental fire magic. The magic that it can be used for can range from smoke creation to all kinds of fiery effects. Advanced casters can even gain resistance to fire.   They have a fiery crimson color.

Mind Crystal

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Mind Crystals are used for illusions and control magic. They can be used to manipulate people but they also allow to damage one's brain. Advanced casters can even use it to silently kill.   They have a violet color.

Sea Crystal

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Sea Crystals can be used for elemental water magic. This includes the control of water flows, rain, purification and especially ice for offence. Advanced casters of this type can even breath underwater.   They have a white color.

Leaf Crystal

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Leaf Crystals grant magic that is linked to nature. This can range from influencing plant growth to communicating with animals. Advanced casters can even use it to control a forest.   They have a light green color.

Tremor Crystal

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Tremor crystals grant power related to elemental earth. User of this type of magic can manipulate the earth around them and even use it to protect. Advanced casters can cause small tremors near them.   They have a yellow color.

Death Crystal

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Death Crystals grant powers related to death. It is one of the shunned magic form as it allow the creation of undead and draining life force. Advanced casters of this type can create multiple undead at once.   They have a dark green color.

Void Crystal

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Void Crystals allow dimensions control. It is a very rare and dangerous type of magic. It can alter gravity and can be used to create kinetic blasts. Advanced casters can use it for teleportation.   They have a black color.

Forbidden Magic


Chaos Crystal

  Chaos magic is the most powerful type of magic and forbidden in most of the world. These crystals, which are dark purple in color, are linked to many cataclysms on Niorath and are therefore feared. It is believed that many monsters and other dangers in the world are created by this type of magic going very wrong.   Using this type of crystals and their magic opens a direct connection with the Primal Chaos at the center of Nervonia. When a caster does not succeed in trying to perform Chaos magic a surge from that realm can enter Niorath. This can cause strange aberrations to appear and in the worst case to even alter the region. The Chaos Areas around the world are the results of such events.  

by Rexard



The Crystal Valley

Main Locations

  It is possible to find Falls all over Niorath but there are some notable prime locations to procure these crystals. One of the locations that is known for a long time is near the current city of Infor in Aelerium. The crater which the city is built next to is believed to be the very origin of Magicfall which might explain the large number of Falls here.   The largest concentration of Falls, however, can be found in Oneraga in the Crystal Valley. This area had remained shrouded in mystery for a long time and remained mainly uninhabited until several centuries ago. The exact reason for this is unknown however. Once the Gnomes, especially the Raitin, had made the region their home, they increased the mining operations there at a high speed. They are currently the main exporters of Falls, a title which was previously held by Aelerium.   Another region that has a high concentration of Falls is located in Northern Pavanor. The Falls here exists almost exclusively out of Divine Crystals. The Pavan Empire uses these pretty heavily and has therefore the largest amount of clerics and paladins.

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Author's Notes

This article will be updated in the future with more info on the Falls themselves and their properties and less about their origin as this is covered in a new article.

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