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Niorath is a mix of Science-Fantasy and Magipunk. It has ancient but advanced technology hidden in a world where all nations try to gain an edge. Some through an industrial revolution, others through magic. While other combine them both.  
At the start of a new industrial age the nations of magic and technology clash.

On one side there are the Elves. Due their superior affinity to magic, they had always been the dominant group, even after their ancient empire collapsed. Their mastery of magic is unrivalled which becomes clear to anyone walking through their astounding cities. In opposition to them are the Humans and Dwarves. With much less magic available to them, they took another turn. Thanks to a rapid industrialisation and arms race they even surpassed the Elves in some ways. Among the other species the Gnomes took a bit of both worlds. By merging magic and technology they became a dominant power in their own right.

The world is filled with ruins left behind by the gods and other advanced empires. Now several factions try to get an edge by delving ever deeper in them. But all of these empires ended because of cataclysmic events. Blame is often put on the Primal Chaos from the Nervonia nebula. Can the nations of today avoid that same fate?
Introduction to Niorath
Generic article | Oct 13, 2023