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Niorath was created from my D&D 5e campaign , the Heretic's Sword. The world is a bit of a mix of Science-Fantasy and Magipunk due to the ancient but advanced technology present on the planet and the start of the industrial age for the current civilizations.  
Niorath has a long history of technological and magical advanced civilizations. Most of these met their end in various cataclysmic events of which the origins remain unknown. Blame is often put on the Primal Chaos which originates from Nervonia, a large nebula like celestial object. And for some reason it seems to be growing. Is the start of the industrial age a first step towards a new cataclysm?
The inhabitants of Niorath believe that at one point the gods lived on the planet among its first civilizations. In the most dangerous areas of the world artifacts of this time can still be found. After the event called Magicfall many gods returned to their celestial realms. Some managed to return to the planet but more often than not they wreak havoc instead of helping the inhabitants of Niorath.
Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay
Introduction to Niorath
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