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Introduction to Niorath

At the start of a new industrial age the nations of magic and technology clash.

On one side there are the Elves. Due their superior affinity to magic, they had always been the dominant group, even after their ancient empire collapsed. Their mastery of magic is unrivalled which becomes clear to anyone walking through their astounding cities. In opposition to them are the Humans and Dwarves. With much less magic available to them, they took another turn. Thanks to a rapid industrialisation and arms race they even surpassed the Elves in some ways. Among the other species the Gnomes took a bit of both worlds. By merging magic and technology they became a dominant power in their own right.

The world is filled with ruins left behind by the gods and other advanced empires. Now several factions try to get an edge by delving ever deeper in them. But all of these empires ended because of cataclysmic events. Blame is often put on the Primal Chaos from the Nervonia nebula. Can the nations of today avoid that same fate?

A history of Disaster

There is a reason the old civilizations ended and it is imperative that we find out what caused these cataclysms. We must find out as much as we can about these events in order to prevent them. I fear for the day that the same happens to us while we are unprepared.
— Syronikir, High Sage of the Keepers

Niorath has a long history of advanced technological and magical civilizations. Among the most famous are the civilizations of the gods who are collectively called the Prime Asmer.   Many of the ancient civilizations met their end in huge cataclysmic events of which the origins remains unknown. Primal Chaos magic is often seen as the culprit but many can't help but feel that something stops civilizations the moment they get too advanced.   The source of the Primal Chaos, Nervonia, is a large nebula like celestial object which can be seen during certain periods of the year. It is believed that the Elemental and Divine Realms can also be found here, protecting the rest of the universe against anything that comes out of the Primal Chaos.

Themes of Niorath

  The world is intended to feel both dark and hopeful. Many countries are starting an industrial era which caused a new elite to rise but also increased poverty in the cities. Some countries introduced partially democratic systems but many of the lower classes are often still excluded from participating.

Under it all the danger in the world remains. Racism and religious conflicts are on the rise, many areas have at least one big war every century and technology is more often used for harming than for good.

The vast amount of ancient weapons from previous civilizations makes the world a timebomb waiting to explode into an all out conflict. It is not certain if the current civilizations can avoid the mistakes of those from the past.

Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay

Wonder and Chaos

The world of Niorath is a temperate world with an abundance of different biomes. Deserts and jungles are more common around the equator and cold climates can be found around the poles.   But there are still several strange areas as well. Every continent has at least one area influenced heavily by magic from the Realms of Nervonia .   Both Oneraga and Aelerium have areas with floating islands and in some places giant crystals protrude from the ground. There are vast underground areas known as the Lower Realms which are even dangerous for experienced adventurers. Some areas of the world are even known for their very active volcanoes with large magma streams. The Mizarin Jungles are home to gigantic trees in which some people of Niorath have made their homes.  
Niorath Base Map Image
Niorath by Kefkejaco


by kefkejaco with midjourney
by kefkejaco with midjourney
  When the gods left the planet, a cataclysmic event called Magicfall, changed the world forever. It created the Falls, magical infused crystals, which gave magic to the people of Niorath.

Originally magic was limited to those born with magical abilities but over time people learned to use the Falls to create more casters. But since this is a costly method it remained mostly reserved for the well off.  


Cloud Crystal
Cloud Crystals are used for elemental Air Magic.  
Ember Crystal
Ember Crystals are used for elemental Fire Magic.  
Sea Crystal
Sea Crystals are used for elemental Water Magic.  
Tremor Crystal
Tremor Crystals are used for elemental Earth Magic.  
Divine Crystal
Divine Crystals are used for Divine Magic .  
Mind Crystal
Mind Crystals are used for Mind Magic.  
Leaf Crystal
Leaf Crystals are used for Nature Magic.  
Void Crystal
Void Crystals are used for Dimension Magic.  
They used for chaos magic and forbidden in most of the world.
Magic in Niorath
Spell | Jul 4, 2023

Primal Chaos

  The most dangerous regions of all are the Chaos areas. These locations are heavily corrupted by dark magic at some point during the history of Niorath. A famous examples are the Silent Forest, a mostly petrified forest, and the ruins of Bagor, an area surrounded by blighted earth.

During most of recent history Chaos Tempests were only a very rare occurrence, limited mostly to areas like the Silent Forest. But now they seem to be popping up ever more often. The ruins of Bagor are once again becoming a center of one such Tempest after more than a 1000 years.

With each new Tempest the amount of monstrosities of the Primal Chaos increases. For now the people manage to fend them off but what would happen if the Tempests became even more frequent.  
Chaos Tempests
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 6, 2023
Silent Forest by Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, photo by me

Chaos Storm by Guild Wars 2


  Many civilizations have risen and fallen on Niorath. Much information has been lost since their demise. But even though they are long gone, they have had an influence on the societies of today.  

Those who came before



  The Prime Asmer were the gods and angels of Niorath and their civilizations ended after Magicall. In the most dangerous places of the world their ruins can still be found. According to some ancient Gnome nations have kept Asmer technology in use for some time before collapsing themselves.

In recent years rumors have appeared about gigantic war golems hidden deep in ancient ruins. Some believe that even the Divine Golem from mythology could be real. Factions and countries are now competing to find these creations, hoping to gain the powers of the gods.

The Lower Realms, once seen as to dangerous to investigate, are becoming the new frontier for those brave enough to venture deep beneath the earth. With the discovery of new Asmer ruins the interest has only increased.  

Asmer God by Endless Space, Amplitude Studios
Bagor, Avaronian capital by Kefkejaco with Midjourney


Many ancient civilizations existed prior to the Avaronians but none have been as influential to the current world. After the fall of the old civilizations the Avar Elves quickly rose to power. Their knowledge of elemental magic allowed them to form the Avaronian Empire which held control over vast areas of land on two continents.

According to Elven myths it was the great Elven hero Mackevor that founded this nation. He was known to be a great general and leader and conquered many areas of Farlis. However, during the final battle against the Selefer he lost his life.   However, over time the corruption grew and many barbaric practices were introduced such as sacrifices and slavery. It took many centuries but in the end the Avaronian Empire ended with a cataclysmic blast in its capital, Bagor.    

Nations of today

  Several humanoid species exist in Niorath and although many of them control a part of the planet there are only 3 races that are truly influential.  

Humans and the Pavan Empire

After several centuries of internal strife the Humans and Half-Elves of the Pavan Empire are once again looking outwards. For a long time they were behind in progress due to a shortage of magical resources and magic users. But with the invention of gunpowder and the steam engine they quickly rose in power.

The start of the industrial revolution quickly spread to the other Human countries as the Empire became the center of the Human economies. Now they intend to form a new alliance and spread the influence of Archonism across the globe.

Besides their advances in industry they have made great strides in Divine magic as well. However, creations like the Soulknights, created from the willing souls of the faithful, are met with some resistance. The results have been promising though.    
Savas Keleris by Kefkejaco with heroforge
Saiki 'Boltwing' by Kefkejaco with heroforge

Gnomes and the Raitin

Gnomes only regained importance in the last centuries. Their nations were constantly at war with eachother and trade with outsiders was rather rare. At some point the Gnomes of Oneraga started banding together in larger countries and participated in less wars. They have shown a knack for magical technology and are now among the most advanced nations of Niorath.   Among the most powerful of them are the Raitin, a group which started as a combination of warring clans but has become the scourge of the skies with their use of airships.

They have clashed a few times already with the Nekorians, Humans and Dragons. Rumors tell that the Raitin have even managed to capture and breed their own Dragons which they use to power their airships.    


Most Elves live on the continent of Farlis where their nations take up most of the land. Many of these countries are successor nations of the Avaronian Empire. Aelerium is currently considered the strongest of them and is the de facto leader of western Farlis. Mervidel is considered the leader of the nations of the Avar Elves which were often at war with Humans.

They were still the most powerful species due to their great skill in magic. This lasted until both the Gnomes and Humans started their rapid rise in technology. Now they fear that their magical knowledge and resources will not be enough to keep the emerging powers at bay. The recent war with the Humans of Farlis was the latest attempt to regain power and territory.
Verakon Elervir by Kefkejaco with Heroforge

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Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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