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Orena 'Raitin Bane'

Flying on Orena's back is an amazing feeling, almost nothing is as exhilarating. Together we are a team that is feared throughout the continent.
— Saiki 'Boltwing'
  In recent years being a Raitin airship crewmember has become quite the dangerous job. The people on board are always on the lookout for movement in the clouds but by the time they see the sapphire blue wings of Orena it is already to late.   Orena, also known as the 'Raitin Bane', is a still rather young dragon who is the trusted companion of Saiki 'Boltwing'. She was among the first dragons that Saiki freed from captivity and they have never been separated since.    

Personal Life


Early Life

  Orena knows very little about her early life and the Raitin don't bother to keep records of the lives of dragons. However, she has a few memories of her time spending with other small dragons before her training started.   The training the Raitin use for the electric dragons is quite brutal. Through frequent punishments the dragons learn that it is best to stay quite and just obey as much as possible. At first she had to supply Falls of electricity in the Citadel but once she was old enough she was put on an airship. It is difficult for Orena to determine how long she was on that ship and she does not want to dwell on that time too much. For her life truly started after being freed.  


  Orena's life changed forever after meeting Saiki 'Boltwing'. Even though she looked similar to the other Raitin , she treated Orena well unlike the other Dragonkeepers before. Eventually Orena came to trust Saiki and considered her a friend who was sure to give some extra fish every time or talk for a bit. After a while she promised to set the dragons free at an opportune time when it presented itself.   When Saiki and several other crewmembers succeeded to take control of the ship, the Dragons were freed as promised. Some left but Orena decided to stay with Saiki.
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Additional Information

Date of Birth
somewhere in the year 1196-1200 AE
Raitin Citadel, in captivity
Current Residence
The Thunderstrike ship
Biological Sex
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sapphire blue
Many siblings due to the Raitin breeding programs


  Orena has had quite a change in personality over the years. Early on after being freed she was rather a shy and reserved dragon. This was of course in large part due to the mistreatment during her years in captivity. As time went by she grew more and more confident and talkative. Now that she is older she has gained the same determination as Saiki and would do anything to free as much dragons as she can. She has even taken up training younger dragons for raids on Raitin ships and has become somewhat of an idol to them.  

Personal History


Part of the crew

  Orena is perhaps the most valued crewmember of the Thunderstrike besides Saiki herself. At first she remained somewhat on the sidelines when Saiki's crew defected and took on the pirating life. Eventually, however, she started to join Saiki on her raids to free other Dragons. Over time she learned how best to avoid the Raitin cannons and other weapons and how to deactivate them.   Despite her still rather small size compared to other older dragons, she has become a true force to be reckoned with. What she lacks in size she more than makes up for in dexterity and cunning. After destroying many Raitin airships the crew has given her the name 'Raitin Bane'. This title is well earned as every Raitin airship crewmember lives in fear that they might be next to be suddenly be Orena's next victim.  

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by kefkejaco with midjourney

A dangerous duo

  When Orena became old enough the bond between her and Saiki grew even closer. Before they operated seperately while attacking airships but due to her increased size it was possible for Saiki to ride on her back. This allowed Saiki to quickly join any battle. While the other younger dragons took care of the Raitin weapons, Saiki and Orena would blast open the side of the ship to free any dragons.   This resulted in fast and unexpected strikes on Raitin airships. Almost no fighting between crew members had to be done as boarding the enemy ship was no longer a requirement. Although many of the other freed dragons are too young for riders there are already some that started training for this as well. Soon Saiki will have a true dragon rider strike force with Orena and her at the head.  

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