The Thunderstrike

If we would have followed the order of our superiors we would all have died. And for what? A few cats in trees who supposedly had a high tech weapon lying around?? No we were the smart ones, we got out while we could. And we have been living a good life ever since.
— Saiki 'Boltwing'
  The Thunderstrike is an airship that is feared in the Northern Oneraga regions and the area around it. Especially since it is captained by the infamous first airship pirate Saiki 'Boltwing'. It has been the bane of many Raitin ships and other ships carrying valuables.   However, it was not always a pirate ship. At one point it was a Raitin vessel before it was taken over by Saiki.  




  The Thunderstrike orginally belonged to the Raitin army and had already been used for several raids and minor conflicts, mainly within Raitin borders. After 5 years of service Saiki became one of the crewmembers on board, an event that would define the future of the vessel.   During her time onboard the ship Saiki befriended the Raitin Dragons of the ship by coming down to talk and giving them some spare food. She promised to set them free at an opportune time when she would be able to take control of the ship. Many others on the ship had questions about the Raitin's practices and mistreatment of the Dragons as well. They would later on become her first crewmembers.  

Stolen Property

  When the airship was sent on a mission to the Mizarin Isles to attack the Nekorians an opportunity presented itself. While many of the Raitin ships were destroyed by the Mizarin Nightlights, she and other like mined crew members were able to take control of the ship. They then flew far away from the battle which marked the start of their pirating life.   From that moment onwards the Thunderstrike has been used for attacking other ships and taking their valuables.   But that is not the only thing Saiki uses it for. On every Raitin vessel they board the she and the crew free all imprisoned Dragons. Some believe that Saiki has already saved more than 100 Dragons from torture under the Ratin.  
Raitin Pirate-portrait.png
Saiki 'Boltwing' by Kefkejaco with heroforge

Saiki Boltwing

Saiki Boltwing is the first airship pirate and was formaly a soldier for the Raitin Army. After defecting she and her crewmembers freed many imprisoned Dragons and stolen many valuables, mainly from the Raitin.  
Saiki 'Boltwing'
Character | Sep 8, 2021

The Ship

  The Thunderstrike is one of the larger types of airships that the Raitin made. In general it looks like a normal seafaring ship except that it is mostly made out of light metal.  


  Like most airships of Raitin design the Thunderstrike stays in the air by the use of Falls, more specifically the Cloudcrystal kind. This powersource does not only allow the ship to hover but also provides the entire airship with electricity.   To power the entire ship, large Cloudcrystals are placed on a pedestal surrounded by a metallic amplifier. When the airship is turned on, electrical surges can be observed going from the crystals to metal amplifier rings. Any electricty generated this way is then distributed throughout the ship powering various devices such as the propellers and cannons.   However these cloudcrystals deplete over time and need to be recharged at regular intervals. This used to put a limit on the distance that Raitin airships could travel. To combat this issue the Raitin resorted to imprisoning Dragons on board who were forced to use their lightning breath the recharge the crystals.   Unlike the Raitin, Saiki Boltwing does not force the Dragons to recharge the crystals. But since she treats them well and allows them to fly freely they stay near the ship and recharge the crystals when needed.

airship power.jpg
Airship Cloud Crystal by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate

airship rotators.jpg
Airship Rotor by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


  Like most devices on the Thunderstrike the propellers are powered by the Cloudcrysals. The largest of the propellors are placed to the side of the airship and ensure that the Thunderstrike remains in the sky.   Close to them are vertical propellors which create a forward movement but can also be used determine the angle of the airship but can also help with turning.   To the back of the ship there are two propellers which provide the ship with the main forward movement and turning capabilities.  


  The Thunderstrike has the means to deal some serious damage. It has many cannons of which some or placed on the top deck and some in the upper deck. All of these are powered by the crystals and allow the crew to either shoot electric discharges or cannon balls.   On the front of the ship the largest cannon is located. This cannon is able to shoot a high energy beam and can only be used a few times before needing a cooldown. Cannons of this type have been know to pierce Dragons and kill them in one hit if the hit is in the chest area.  
Airship Cannons by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


The Thunderstrike
The Thunderstrike is the airship of the famous pirate Saiki 'Boltwing'. It uses cloudcrystals as a powersource to stay afloat. Although the ship was stolen from the Raitin with the Raitin Dragons still onboard Saiki has repurposed part of the ship as living quarters for the dragons instead of the original prison.

Top Deck

The top deck is home to 14 cannons and the large frontal cannon, although the later one is actually fired from the upper hold. In addition the top deck is where many of the important devices of the airship can be found such as the propellers and the Cloudcrytal powersource. If any reparations need to happen to these this is usually done from this deck. During those repairs the involved crewmembers are attached to the ship with a rope.
Airship Cockpit by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


  The cockpit is the room where the captain and navigator spend most of their time. It is the room from where most of the ships functions can be controlled. In addition it also provides a good overview of the surrounding area thanks to the windows.   There is a little bit of storage here but the controls of the ship remain the most important aspect of the room. Typically only the captain or navigator sits near the controls but during a fight it can happen that three people are present in the room at once.  

Upper Deck


Captain's Chambers

  Saiki Boltwing has taken these chambers into use after taking over the ship. In here she has her on bath and large bed. An additional chamber is linked to her bedroom with a small living room where she can invite guests or eat her meal privatley if she wants to. However, most of the time she eats here meal together with the rest of the crew.  

Captains Chambers.jpg

Captains Chambers by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate



Showers by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate



  Thanks to the boiler room on this deck the crew members are able to enjoy warm water. For some rooms there is a bath. For those crewmembers who do not have their own bath there are the showers.  


  Some of the bedrooms on the Thunderstrike are somewhat larger and are reserved for the most important crewmembers. In some of these rooms there are even private baths or extra storage space. The navigator's room is different since it has a desk on which he can work if needed.  
Other Rooms.jpg
Other Bedrooms by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate
Cannons and Storage.jpg
Cannons and Storage by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate

Cannons and Storage

  The upper deck is home the majority of the cannons of the Thunderstrike. Near the cannons there is also the main storage for ammunition. The armory nearby is the place where the other types of weapons are stored.   Throughout the ship there are other places which are used for storage, mostly for materials. Near the kitchen on the lower deck there is a storage for food. On the upper deck near the front there is a room used for storing the spoils of the recent conquests of the crew. Originally this room was used to keep slaves and prisoners before Saiki and her crew took over the ship.  

Sleeping Quarters and Restrooms

  Throughout the ship there are sleeping quarters where the majority of the crew resides. Near the front of the ship, quarters of these kind can be found. The largest sleepin quarters are, however, found on the lower deck.   Near the front of the ship there are also restrooms on each deck.
Sleeping Quarters and Restrooms.jpg
Sleeping Quarters and Restrooms by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate

frontal cannon control.jpg

Frontal Cannon Control by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


Frontal Cannon Control

  The machinery and control for firing the high energy cannon at the front of the ship can be found just below it on the upper deck. The view here is only limited but there is a direct magical communication link with the cockpit. Once the captain gives the command the crew stationed here can fire the cannon.  

Lower Deck


Kitchen and Cafeteria

  For food the crew goes to the cafeteria on the lower deck. The food is prepared in the kitchen nearby and the main storage is located just across the hall. Not all crewmembers can be in the cafeteria at once so often they eat in shifts.  


Kitchen and Cafetaria by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


dragon room.jpg

Dragon Room by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


Dragon Room

  On a normal Raitin ship this would be where the Dragons are chained an muzzled and only approached when they are fed or when they need to provide their lightning breath.   Saiki however got improved the room and provided hay which the Dragons can use as a bed. In addition she has changed the outer wall of this room by adding a gate which the Dragons can open themselves. This allows them to go out and fly around whenever they want. The room is also filled with fish which is the preferred food of the type of Dragon that makes its home here.   At all times there are some Cloud Crystals in the center of the room. These crystals are recharged when the Dragon are in the mood to do so. Charged crystals are then brought back to the powersource on the top deck.  

Main Machine Room

  The main machine room is located at the back of the airship on the lower deck. From here the majority of the inner workings of the ship can be controlled. Most of the time there is at least one crewmember here to keep an eye on all of the machinery.  

main machine room.jpg

Main Machine Room by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate

common and laundry.jpg
Common Room and Laundry Room by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate

Common Room and Laundry Room

  On the lower deck near the front of the ship the common room can be found. This is the room where the crew can relax when they have spare time.   Next to this room there is the laundry room. Any dirty clothes that the crew members have can be cleaned here.  

Cover image: Thunderstrike Crew by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


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